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Collusion is DISCOVERED....

Russian Corruption connection

Above the LAW....

2nd Step

A Great TIME to be American.....

The GREAT Hoax...

The Great Hoax continued...

Past, Present, and the Future...

Past, Present, Future continued...

Operation Boomerang 

China to N.Korea

The Real Deal America...

An attempted Coup d'etat 

Real Collusion EXPOSED!


Mueller Report Analysis 

American Justice

Real News, that the fake news people didn't want you to see

America, DO NOT allow the communist/fascist socialist Democrats win, because if they win you lose your American Dream!

Congress woman Ilhan Omar speaks for terrorists 


Accountability Part 1

Accountability Part 2

Accountability Part 3

Justice in America

 The Communists agenda destroying the USA

Do you want your American DREAM destroyed by people who have no idea as to what they are doing?

History of Deep State collusion 

 The President vs The Communists

The Analysis 


Banana Republic monkey business

Trying to turn America communist, it failed

 The Deep State

Mass Hysteria 

Communism rising in the USA

Democrat unhinged

All the Lies, it's a witch hunt...

Socialism on the Rise

The Deep State collusion 

It's a Coup D'etat 

Coup D'etat Part 2


Dems Deep State DOUBLE Standards

24:06 stops

Lies Bigotry, and Russian collusion 


January 25, 2019

January 22, 2019