The United States of America

Save America TODAY!

Sex Trafficking, and ICE...

The Constitution, and your FREEDOM....

Which America do you want to live in?

Capitalism vs Socialism & Liberty vs Tyranny.....

The Constitution, your America, & you...

How the Elites sold out America as you know it...

They call it Liberalism, socialism, communism, and being a Progressive in America, the Ayatollahs of Iran call their oppressive nation an Islamic state, as Venezuela calls it socialism, as Yugoslavia called it communism as Croatia calls it socialism today and it's as beautiful as Communist Cuba past to present.

Communist/Fascists Americans at Large...

The communists, and the fascists are both the same shit!

What's, what in LIFE, and how you fit in for your success.....

Dumbing down the kids for the democratic adult welfare vote

MainStream media Suicidal Jihad

America's sovereignty at Risk!

The healthcare screw up!

The Constitution, and you America....

Who Hi Jacked Islam? The same people that Hi Jacked the democratic party

The Deep State owned News media

The Deep State deception on America 

The Truth gets revealed

The Lawsuit

Everything they never told you...

The Smear Campaign 

What's going on??? Part 1

What's going on??? Part 2

In America it's Gender and race Identity Politics, in Former Yugoslavia it was ethnic and religious identity politics.  Now can the Muslims guess "Who Hi Jacked Islam?"

It's Capitalism vs Tyranny....

The Real facts of Climate Change...


Societal shifts   

Jon Voight says it all

Convention of STATES


Declaration of Independence

The US Constitution 

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