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Voter Fraud is alive and well with NO Russians involved...

Are you confused yet America? 022618

Twisting a child's identity for Gun Control

What did you think would have been the out come?

Masculinity is Bad for Boys today 022618

Gun Control 030218

Constitutional LAW Professor

Lies Destroy people, religions, and nations...01/29/18

Communism/Fascism being used against Americans as in Promoting Socialism!  Shut up America it's not your turn.

Is this what you want to do to America?

Or is this what you want to do to America?

Google thank you for proving my point....

Free Speech is NOT Free if you want to be heard!

Shame on you Google.  You're a HATER...

Manufacturing Hate in America

The Big Hoax on Americans

So, who do you believe?

Highway Robbery, is America as Communist

as CUBA, and is Bernie Sanders as communist as Fidel Castro?

This is what the communists of former Yugoslavia did as well, and Yugoslavia no longer exists.  Too bad the Croatians were stupid enough to create a socialist Republic after winning their independence, and they still have 25% unemployment.  Poor people have no FREEDOM my friends, as empty pockets doesn't give anyone the freedom to do anything.  

 FYI, there is no such thing is anyone as communist as the other guy.  As all communists redistribute other people's wealth for their own agenda, and it's not to help you come out of poverty, as it is to keep you there for the vote.  It's like sucking on your mamma's titties for the rest of your life until you die.  Just go to the Cuba page and see how far Cuba came ahead into the millenium as they got stuck in 1956, and don't believe Fidel as he blames America"s sanctions, and the proof is that Croatia has not moved forward since it's independence in 1991 from former Yugoslavia which was a Communist socialist state.  You think there's no work in America today, wait till Bernie Sanders Becomes President.  Communism and Socialism is the Same thing to anyone who does not realize this.


Yugo TV USA Part 1

This is exactly what the communists/fascists do in their Socialist States, but we lose site of this since the Soviet Union no longer exists, but you can't teach an old dog new tricks as they do what they're doing in the Ukraine.  The communists and the fascists divide their people by any means possible, first it was affirmative action for years, and from their as the economy went south it was the white man's fault and the knock out punches started against innocent white people.

Today America's police are the target for the same reasons, good thing they have the guns to protect themselves from the criminal element they protect all of us from.  We all can thank President Obama for a civil war that never started folks, all because he gave not only the poor minority welfare benefits, but he gave it to all needy Americans of all back grounds.  Notice I said to all poor AMERICANS.

The Police Departments of America are a part of every community, and the communists of America are making them the targets of colored America on all fronts folks. Unfortunately some in the Democratic Party are Communists and some of them don't even realize it I believe.

The Reason I call it Yugo TV USA is because former Yugoslavia had a main stream media of 2 channels that supported the communists with different angles, just like America's main stream media vs an unbiased Fox news which equals 2 TV stations, just like in former Yugoslavia. Great going to America's news networks, you have a lot to be proud of as self proclaimed communists by partnership with the politician.

Yugo TV USA Part 2

Yugo TV USA Part 3

Yugo TV USA Part 4

White Racist Men

racism is a 2 way street folks.


This racism is no different than the ethnic hate the Serbian and

Croatian People have for one another due to having a Socialist State.  It's no different than the

communist/fascist Political Hate the Croatians have for one another, because they still live in a socialist Republic after fighting for their Freedom. 

It's no different than the Political Communist/Fascist hate the Egyptians have for one another,

because of the Socialist State they live in, except in all Muslim Lands under a socialist Government it does Not become Ethnic or tribal hatred, as in all Muslim lands it becomes Religious Hatred, racism towards one anothers religions as in Sunni vs Shiite.

It's no different than how America's Communists falsely locked up Politician Tom Delay until it was over turned.

It's also no different than how the Yugoslavian Communists wanted to arrest Croatia's first President Ante Pavelic, but he was able to get away, and continue his fight against the communists.

So why would anyone use their religion to do their politicking, only to slander themselves?

Every Muslim needs to buy this book "Race Pimping", so they can understand the racism they all face towards one another in any Socialist style Government in any Muslim nation, and maybe they'll realize, if they are the Proud Muslims they all claim to be, then it's time to take Islam out of their politicking.

Baltimore Riots Part 1

Baltimore Riots Part 2


Do our Muslim friends see the similarities between the racism here in America, and your religious hatred in your respective Homelands, Because I see the same similarities of Ethnic Hatred of former Yugoslavia, and Today's Divided Politicking created in Croatia, because of Everyone's economic dissatisfaction with their personal wealth, and Religion has nothing to do with it except for labeling who lives and dies.  No different than black on white or white on black racism.  So what does Islam have to do with your politicking?  Absolutely nothing, so why are you creating Religious hatred when there really is no excuse for it? 

Do you now see how Iran's supreme leader The Ayatollah brings slander to Islam and the good Muslim people by getting involved in their politics as a religious leader, as a man of God inciting Death to Israel, and Death to America ?  Now do you understand why Religion should NOT have anything to do with running anyone's nation?

Baltimore Riots Part 3

Communism Fascism in the USA

Analysis, The US Supreme Court needs to

hear these cases.  John Chism you are a piece of shit !

Communism taught in American schools


Just like the way the Communists of Yugoslavia

used to do business and Yugoslavia no longer exists.

Can you see the kind of hate this creates?  This is the same hate that Hollywood

creates in how their actors get fired from their acting jobs.  This same hate creates

the racism we have in America today.  It's the same kind of Religious Hatred that

the likes of ISIS and Al Quada spawn around the world.  In the poor nations of the

world they are all Socialist nations, because the poor can't afford anything, so they use

Child labor which the West does NOT condone.  What is child labor and why?  Child

labor in poor nations is what we call minimum wage labor, no different than African

American Slaves.  What was Slavery?  Slavery was minimum wage labor, and all the

poor socialist nations are nothing more than Communist dictatorships, just as America is

today because it's financially bankrupt due to the Real Estate sub prime mortgage crisis,

with one difference in America Capitalism will make a come back when the people wake up,

as when times were good in America and everyone had money in their pockets the racism

wasn't there as it is today, no different than Yugoslavia with it's ethnic hatred because

it's the other political party's fault the condition the poor nation is in.  No different than

how in America no democrat or Republican has a real plan to solve this crisis so they blame

one another calling one another communists and fascists when nothing gets done in Congress

or the Senate.  The Poor nations could never go Capitalist but because of the internet now

they can.  As in any Muslim poor nation their politicians get elected as to who has the most

Anti American, Anti Israeli rhetoric and

they get elected to Political office, just as do the Republicans and the Democrats without a plan in

bad economic times.  The Muslim politicians don't attack one another as do the Republicans or

Democrats in bad economic times.  Why you ask?  Because one political side is Sunni Muslims and

the other political side is Shiite, and if they attacked each other the way they attack Americans and

Israel, then they would always be in a sectarian war with one another for slandering Islam.

Now how stupid is that ?   It's NOT Stupid as that's how they set it up as they will always be the Arab

version of their communists or fascists, because their economy's suck, and they use Islam in their

politics to become their people's dictators as the double edge sword that it is, as when America or

anyone disagrees with any Muslim's Politics they automatically use hatred and Islamaphobia as the

trigger words to get their poor naive Muslims to stand up in hatred ready to do Jihad terrorist acts

in the name of God and Islam.  So why would any good Muslim allow themselves to be treated as

some African American Slave by their Government?  Because they're poor and they want to live.

Well I have some news for the world today, because of the internet which America created anyone

can start a online internet business the way I did, because I don't like being poor due to someone

thinking that I should be, and neither should any one in any nation of today's world as when every

nation's citizen has money in their pockets watch how the hate stops.

Guaranteed, as all us Americans have been there, all us Blacks, White's Hispanics and the Spanish,

the Polacks, the Yugos, and anyone else that can make their own correlations to what I just explained.

Wake up and stop the hate!  Start a business instead.

Students for FREEDOM Part 1

Students for FREEDOM Part 2

Students for FREEDOM Part 3

Students for FREEDOM Part 4

Students for FREEDOM Part 5

Captalism vs Communism Part 1

Captalism vs Communism Part 2

Captalism vs Communism Part 3

Communist Democrats

The Communists of Former Yugoslavia wouldn't compromise either, today
Yugoslavia NO LONGER EXists. Are you ready for a civil war America,
as it can start due to a terrorist attack or because of how illegal immigration
turned any election in America into a Democrat favored election anytime only because
of this NON BI Partisan version produced by democrats only? This kind of racism will
start a civil war as we've already seen occur once in America's existence.
Are we smart enough NOT to allow it to occur once again?

Happy Independence Day America


Proud to be an American



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