The Talk Show

The Talk Show is all about you becoming a talk show Host for a day with Your Own Friends or subjects who get involved to be watched world wide via the internet. Anyone can be Larry king for an hour or half an hour on any subject matter. For Example "How would you implement Policies" as a Politician in America TODAY! In this Talk Show Blog all you have to do is write about any subject matter and if what you have to say Gets the Most Votes You Get to be a Talk Show Host.

If anyone gets first place in all 3 categories with the most VOTES they win $1,000,000.00 automatically,

But limited to the first 2 people to do it of every million members every month.

3 month consecutive membership is where members compete for a quarterly “GRAND PRIZE” of $2,000,000.00

Prize for every set of One million members. Every six month consecutive membership qualifies for the $5 million

Competition called the “Millennium Prize”, and the Yearly prize called The Maximillion Grand Prize of $1 Billion

If there are a billion members, winner gets $1 per membership.

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