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Sunday Morning Futures

President Trump, America, and you!

Hey to the Democrat Congress, FUCK YOU! 

America, it's time to VOTE IN Trump's picks if you want America back.

US-China Trade War

Real News the commies don't want you to know about

Banana Republic Hoax

The Big HOAX 

Generation "E"

Trump was set up to fail, but he didn't fail for all us Americans, so that the American dream is there for every American

The Real News

Have you figured out the TRUTH yet?

No collusion, what's next?  The IRS

News@Night with Shannon Bream 

The Real Facts you need to know about

Taxes & Economics

It's RUSSIA !!!

 Obstruction, and Collusion 

Build the Wall America

VOTE THEM OUT of office, IF they are for NO WALL at the border!

Remember 9/11 & lone wolf attacks....

Build The WALL!

The Real Collusion deal...

Why Elections Matter....

GDP Report Q2

Biased Justice

No Collusion by Trump, he was set up!