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America's Plantations 

There are 2 plantations in America today, where one of them are Urban cities in America afflicted by poor Blacks and Hispanics, and whites, and the other Plantation is any Business USA, and the slaves are the Business owners, the stock holders as investors in any business, and the employees, as the slave Masters are those poor people in the Ghettos of Urban America collecting a welfare check from everyone's tax dollars from their hard work as they live The FREE Life with no responsibilities as they keep pooping out kids they can't afford to have as the slave pays it from his sweat and tax dollars.  The Democrats brought you here America.  So how do you like being the slave Master today?  Is Life any better for you today?  Vote for Trump if you want a Better life America, because it can get worse, and it most likely will with the wrong President in Office.  Yes you have a lot to Lose, it's called losing the ability of America to be able to prosper for generations to come, and everyone's life will get worse.  It could very easily lead into a civil war worse than any that the world has ever seen.  Believe it.


America, yesterday to present day, 

How it became a power house. 

Every Nation starts out as a socialist state, so as to be able to feed it's non working poor, and when the Pilgrims, America's forefathers came here the businesses at hand were farming, and they needed the workers to farm the land.  So who were going to be those crop working employees, as the plantation owners go doing their wheeling and dealing to make a profit?  It was the African slave they bought out right from other Africans, and this is what was minimum wage way back then.  Today we see ISIS doing the same as they try starting out creating a new nation, as they kidnap people into slavery, but what no other nation has ever done besides America is grow their economies to the point where every man and woman can have a job in order to sustain themselves financially.  Why is that?  Some nations couldn't as the resources were not there, and some nations didn't as their politicians wouldn't allow it so as not to lose that life long job as a politician.


As America grew it eventually had a great depression as the rest of the world did which brought on WWl, and WWll was nothing more than a continuation of WWl.  But those wars brought on advancements in technology, and during WWll woman became a part of the work force building planes, and everything else as the men went to fight.  As America evolved woman were not allowed to vote, and they also didn't work as they were stay at home moms.


As America evolved with more businesses eventually woman were allowed to vote, and go to work.  So this is what everyone needs to understand, in any nation the people in charge only take care of their own, as their own put them in power.  Eventually America grew so much that after WWll the immigrants running out of Europe came and filled up the work force to build America into what it is today, and as the Economies grew the Black man was included in the work force.  Martin Luther King Jr. Found the words of America's forefathers included into the Constitution to help FREE every Black man and woman so they can have the FREEDOM they have today.


America is the only land in this world where all it's citizens are equal and they all have equal rights, as I know the inequality that existed where my family comes from of Former Yugoslavia, and even in today's Croatia even after they fought for their independence.  So if you hate America, please leave.

IF YOU WANT TO DESTROY AMERICA by Voting in Hillary so that she can Create a socialist state such as the one you and your family came from, then please leave and go back to your original home land and do your socialist voting there.

Democracy is Great, but democracy WITHOUT both political parties of any nation being Capitalists creating the environment for people to be able to become Entrepreneurs, where they can create their own businesses employing people, so they can sustain themselves financially and profit is nothing more than a pile of shit.


In the 1990's you did not see the hate you see in America today.  Why not?  Because people were working, and everyone had money to spend, where unlike today in the socialist economy of today, with 200 million on welfare as the rest of the 115 million people population supports them it became a hate thing.  The hate is the racism as the poor perceive it to be.


Socialism creates the income inequality of unequal wealth redistribution which created the Ethnic hatred of former Yugoslavia, that led to the ethnic cleansing, and Yugoslavia no longer exists, just as it led to the Religious cleansing in the Middle East, and all their nation's failed as well due to their Arab Spring which went into Revolutions all over the place.  We had occupy wall street demonstrating for a job, but to bad in the land of opportunity they have no intentions of becoming Entrepreneurs starting their own businesses employing people.  So if no one wants to start a business, the way I see it, Donald Trump is the only Candidate who has a plan to bring back American jobs, other wise America will fail, and their will be a civil war in America eventually.  Believe it.  This is NOT a joke.

Definition of hate Socialism

NY Times Story of Socialism in Zimbabwe coming soon...

NY Times, Sunday, August 28, 2016 Go ahead and look it up....

"No one is safe": Zimbabwe Threatens to take Foes' FARMS. 

          BINDURA, Zimbabwe --  Dozens of angry young men jumped off a truck in front of Agrippah Mutambara's gate, shouting obscenities and threatening to seize his 530- acre farm in the name of Zimbabwe's President.   They tried to scale the fence, scattering only when he raised and cocked his gun.


          Zimbabwe made International headlines when it started seizing white-owned farms in 2000.  But Mr. Mutambara is not a white farmer.  Far from it, he is a hero of this country's war of Liberation who served as Zimbabwe's ambassador to three nations over two decades.


          But when he defected from President Robert Mugabe's Party to join the opposition a few months ago, he immediately put his farm at risk.


           "When it was happening to the whites, we thought we we're addressing colonial wrongs," said Mr. Mutambara, 64, who got his farm after it had been seized from a white farmer.  "But now we realize it's also coming back to us.  It's also haunting us."

             Zimbabwe is suffering one of its worst economic crises in years.  Banks have run out of cash.  The Government is struggling to pay it's workers.  Public protests, including one in July that shut down the Capital and a united show of force by the nation's biggest opposition figures on Friday, have rattled Mr. Mugabe's government.

             Desperately seeking loans, Zimbabwean officials have visited Washington, and European Capitals in recent months, swallowing years of resentment toward the West to promise economic and political reforms, including ending the tortured pattern of farm seizures.  Even Mr. Mugabe, now 92 years old and increasingly frail, has pledged to compensate white farmers.

             But despite the promises, prized farms are at the center of heated political infighting in Zimbabwe.  As the battle to succeed Mr. Mugabe intensifies, dozens of political who have fallen out of favor, like Mr. Mutambara, are facing the seizure of their farms.  With the economy in peril and the governing party split in a scramble for power, land is being used as a vital tool in the struggle for control.

No different than how President Obama's IRS has been targeting the Conservative Tea Party people, or how the Democrats have locked in the Black vote using Racism, and hate as the excuse for a guaranteed Black base vote to stay in power, as the espanol, the Hispanics, and the Latino's hang off the Black man's coat tails to control the vote using hate as the excuse as well.  So why is it that you have never heard anything from illegal White immigrants in America?  

Because they can't be used as a hate tool by the Democrats, and they're silent, because they know that they broke the law, and they're praying that their illegal immigration problem will some how just go away.  

Zimbabwe continues.........


             "No one is safe," said Temba Mliswa, 44, who was the chairman of the party's chapter in Mashonaland West Province before his expulsion from the party in 2004.  No different than in former Yugoslavia.


              Mr. Mliswa got a 2,000-acre farm belonging to a white Zimbabwean in 2005.  When he took possession, Mr. Mliswa said, police officers beat the white farmer and his workers.  Also no different than former Yugoslavia between the Croatians and the Serbian people, or the Communists and non communists.


              But last year, Mr. Mliswa said, hundreds of youths sent by the party invaded the farm again, destroying property and beating his workers.  They eventually left, but one of Mr. Mugabe's ministers recently held a rally in which he threatened to take Mr. Mliswa's farm unless he stopped criticizing the president's party.

               "They use the land to control you," Mr. Mliswa said.  No different than how the Political correctness in America is used to shut people up with the threat of being branded a hater of some type, or losing your business, or job so that you can't sustain yourself financially.  This is called Communism where my family comes from, but in Former Yugoslavia you got jailed, and tortured instead, just like my dad Stanko Cerkez did. As my grandfather Pero got jailed to 2 years hard labor for giving the wrong person a piece of meat.

Is this how you want to live in America?  Illegal immigration has a direct effect on the American worker, now please take the Time to Watch Donald Trump's 10 point immigration plan on how he's going to help all Americans prosper.  Are you ready to be the American you came here to be, to any LEGAL immigrant American Citizen?  Are you ready to take back the destiny that God gave to each one of us to Black America?

Are you ready to be a Part of Making America Great again, as you prosper as previous American generations have before you, as we create the future for our kids to have a great life as you will today?

Vote Trump for President  

The 10 point immigration plan

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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