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Serbia and Croatia remember the past

The president of the Croatian radio club" The voice of free Croatia"Mr. Stipe Dumancic, and the board of directors, congratulate Croats around the world who are today celebrating the 20th anniversary of Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day, and War Veteran’s Day, which commemorates the military victory on 5 August 1995, known as Operation Storm, when the Croatian army took over a self-proclaimed Serb entity in Croatia…

Today the Serbian people have a platform to express their views as independent individuals Free of any news media's political spin on the subject matter.  As the Croats say they freed Croatia of a self proclaimed Serbian entity in Croatia or was it that they freed themselves from Serbian aggression that was there to keep Yugoslavia together and whole as a nation.  

This is where the Serbian voice can be heard for the world to understand what was going on during the Balkan war of former Yugoslavia.  The Croats have no balls to get in ISIS's face, the question is do the Serbian people have the balls to get in Croatia's face without any Government's propaganda intervention to control the dialogue? 

Speak your mind, or forever hold your peace and live with it my friends as you will never get an opportunity like this ever again.

Everyone is anonymous to prevent any retaliation against anyone, no matter who you are.

Together with all our racist correlations we are going to talk any wanna be Jihadist out of doing terrorism, by explaining that their politics can not have religion being a part of it unless they want to slander Islam themselves.  This is why America has a separation of Church/Synagogue/Mosk and statehood.  Religion introduces people to God, and he doesn't need anyone's help in Judging anyone, just as the So called ISIS terrorists are destroying religious artifacts as they don't want anyone praying to materialistic things instead of God, and that's because leaders like the Ayatollah consider themselves to be God.  We are also going to stop the racism/hatred in America and around the world that all people seem to have to one another in oppressed lands.  Check out "Iran's Future" page by clicking on the tab above.  I have a question for my Serbian friends, if your so bad, then how come I never got into a fight with any Serb that I knew growing up in America and going to school with them, but I have gotten into fights with Croatians, and my family's Croatian from Herzegovina?  The only answer I can come up with is that the Croatians always had a identity problem as every group of Croatians think they're better than anyone else just because of where they're from.  What's your analysis to my Serbian friends?  Speak your mind baby.


Balkan war crimes conviction 

In 1991 the Croatians declared their Independence, and Milosevic told the

world that the Croats were slaughtering the Serbian people for that independence,

the same lies that the recruited Jihadist is supposed to believe when they're told that

the world is at war with Islam as it is NOT.  As the people who Hi Jacked Islam want

any Muslim to believe this lie.  The same lies that are perpetuated in anyone's land about

it's own people, due to class warfare amongst any respective peoples from any land.

Ireland's Revolution on Easter Sunday 

This is no different than the Croatian plight for their independence,

or any Muslim's plight for their independence in Bosnia and else where.

Religion had nothing to do with it other than to decide who lives and who

dies depending on who you're talking to in any nation.  The following

is Egypt's past to Yugoslavia's past at

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