Racists in America

What's your MENTAL problem?

Identity Politics supports their agenda, divide, and conquer for Political power and control at the expense of the people....

Who's a RACIST?

Stupid vs The FAKE NEWS idiots...

If only this STUPID Racist Black on white Bullshit didn't exist with the Fake News only riling things up for the Ratings.  Funny the Radical Islamist Fundamentalist terrorists use the same hate excuse in America, and world wide blaming the infidels the same way radical Black activists in America use racism to get what they want, the same way Muslim activists use Islamophobia/hatred of Muslims to spread their version of Islam through out the world, as they Hi Jacked Islam, using Islam and God to fan the Islamophobia racist accusations against anyone, and no one wants to get branded a racist.  So who Hi Jacked the Black man's FREEDOM?  Their own stupidity Hi Jacked their freedoms as it was their stupidity which allowed their hatred towards white people to stop them them from getting educated in the white man's system.  Get your heads out of your ass and get educated so that one day you can get a good paying job to support yourselves and your family off the welfare system, or start a business and become successful in life one way or the other, and you're going to do it legally, and NOT become a criminal instead.

Looking for that FREE ride using Racism as the excuse to get welfare RECIPIENTS, and their vote........

For how long do you want to be Poor in America?

Get educated, and Start your own businesses.

Drain the Swamp America

Upset gay people brand Catholics as HATERS

Funny how the very same people who cry racism are the Racists themselves....

You can't make this up folks....

Neo Nazis vs Black Lives matter & antifa in Virginia 081217

Racist Segregation of Today

Volunteered Segregation

Socialism creates the Racism

BLM kills another white guy

Democrats vs Republicans?

you decide America.....

We Stand by BLUE

All Lives Matter, may the innocent 

Rest in Peace, and the Guilty get the Justice they got coming....

The Racist Component

The Healing Begins in America, 

by taking out the racial divide......

Another Black Racist....

Black on Black RACISM.......

THE Roots of America's racist hate......

America's CRUX......

And every Muslim needs to see and understand the relationships

in their own respective homelands as to why they are poor.

As you can see God and Islam have nothing to do with it. 

Black Lives Matter Racists

2 Timing, double talking 

Reverend Al Sharpton

Why anyone is poor in America,

It has nothing to do with Racism, just as 

Islam has nothing to do with their man made Politics..............

A Black man and 2 cops

Happy Reverend Al Sharpton Day 

Rest in Peace Martin Luther King Jr, as you

must be rolling around in your grave our friend.

Texas Cop Assassinated by a racist!

Black Lives Matter supporter kills cop

Black Lives Matter

The Racists in America

PC is Communism in America 

2 Continental/United Airline Mechanics talking Shop

Airline Employee Class Action Lawsuit Contact Information



Explaining Flipping the script Concept

The "My Homies" page has been deleted, I'll explain it in person!

Racism in the USA Part 1

Racism in the USA Part 2

3 of NYPD's Finest Assassinated since

Saturday December 20, 2014
No different than what the Taliban and SPISIS are doing......



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