Racists in America

And today you're still their Niggers...

Religious Hatred is Racism too!

What's your take on this?

Past, present, and FUTURE...

Religious racist hate.....

Serbians, Croatians, Latinos, Hispanics, Haitians, Europeans, etc...All who came to America legally will be paying reparations for Slavery of the African American in America's early days if the Democrats, and Paul Ryan's Socialist Republicans keep getting elected.  Vote for politicians President Trump supports, and it's time for the American Patriot Democrats to Stand with President Trump's Policies.  Or America becomes a Tyrannical nation just like the one you left.  Build the wall, because when those illegals start voting the socialists take over, and everyone in America loses, especially those immigrants who came here legally for a better life than what their homeland offered them.  Also successful African Americans will become losers just like everyone else.  The American Dream will be lost for everyone.

Fake conservative Paul Ryan a communist, because he stood with Democratic socialists when Republicans controlled the Senate, and Congress didn't allow funding for the wall in order to avoid this mess.  Now it's time to vote out of office all non American socialists in the Republican, and Democratic Parties America.  When it comes to politicians, Actions speak louder than their lying words.

Or you can convert at Walkawaycampaign.com

"Or you can convert just like any Muslim in any Socialist Muslim land except you won't be getting killed to do it as if you don't the America you love will be gone forever, because the socialists are killing America as you know it instead".

The History of Slavery  Just click here....

How many Americans want to be the poor man's nigger? 

A made up Lynching...

All Lives matter, learn it, and understand it.  Don't do on to others, as you wouldn't have done on to you, and we''ll all be happier people.

Diamond and Silk speak on Racism

Reverse Racist Commies

Affirmative Action on Steroids

You decide America


Victimhood vs Success 042218

The ethnicities of former Yugoslavia used to play the same hate card, but they had reason to play the race card, except everyone was white instead, as the only people who had a chance to succeed were the members of the communist party, so the ethnic race card got played all the time, today Yugoslavia no longer exists.  All Black lives matter, and so called Antifa represent in America is the Communist Race driven card in identity politics to destroy America.  The ethnicities of Former Yugoslavia created exactly what they were running from only to continue the hatreds of Black Lives Matter, and Spanish Americans, Antifa, and Liberal/Progressives through socialist economic ideologies.  Socialism keeps everyone poor, and that's why the USSR failed as well as Yugoslavia, Egypt, and others involved in the Arab Spring.

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