Muslims & YOU!!!

Figure it out yourself....

So what do you think now?

Muslim woman tells her TRUTH...

Islam in our Schools & Indoctrination...

Sharia Law, and what you don't know...

Genital Mutilation

Radical Islam

They call it Radical Islam, because they Politicized Islam, But they don't realize that any Religion that is Politicized is Communism or Fascism and they both Have a socialist economy being a welfare state. Socialism creates the income in equality that produces the racism in America, it created the ethnic hatred in the Balkans of Former Yugoslavia, just as it created the religious hatred of the Middle East. So who Hi Jacked Islam? Their version of their communists and their fascists. Go to if you want to flip the script on any Jihadist, Just follow the directions on the "9/11" page and you'll have a understanding on how everyone wins at this game.

People's Opinions of Muslims

14 Year old arrested for BOMB

Muslim kid Arrested Part 2

Green Beret Kicked out for a CHILD Rapist

Is President Obama a Muslim???

Muslim Invasion !

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