millionaire wishlist welcome

Thank you for deciding to make a difference in bringing positive change to the Fight against Islamic Extremist terror by talking the any wanna Be Jihadist Terrorist out of it by proving that God and Islam have nothing to do with any of their politicking, and when we do this, we will stop them in their tracks since no devout Muslim wants to go to hell. will send you an email when we have 1 million people on this Millionaires Wish List letting you know that it's time to Join as the required membership of people interested in doing this Idea are now available to Join as Paying members, as they have signed up on this "Millionaires Wish List" for that expressed Purpose.  This way no one in this world will be able to misconstrue any terror done by any Muslim as being related to Islam, or God in any way.
Best Regards,
John Cerkez CEO Fight Terrorists, Inc.