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America this is the web site where WE can stand up for ourselves as Proud Americans towards anyone, and they're going to hear us loud and clear.  When you're finished watching these videos on this page then go to the Home page and scroll down and watch the 5th video tiled "Explaining Flipping the script". We all have a racist story of some type to tell, so let's tell it.

Is America Racist

Do you know what Child labor is in economically challenged nations ? It's minimum wage. Do you know what slavery was in America? Once again it's minimum wage. So instead of getting an education and moving up in the world they continue being slaves after they were freed blaming all their uncle Tom's for their problems. They do the same things that our Arab Communists fascists who are our terrorists do. It has nothing to do with ISLAM. Screw the Terrorists, my offer to America, I'm offering you Free speech of which there is none any more.

Let's Flip the script on them. To get a grasp of what I am doing here go to my FB wall for John Cerkez, and watch my video to the Ukrainians, the same applies to you AMERICA, then read my crazy story just below it. Follow the directions to where it takes you so that you to get it, and that's the game plan folks. On my wall I will be talking about my web site America Join "The Millionaire's Wish List" for Free, Just scroll down the Home Page. Share this with everyone please.

Proving my point with and

Also check out the "United States of America" page
videos titled "Baltimore Riots" with Analysis for our Muslims.


Yes Pamella Geller has the right to do what ever she wants to do, but it's a sign of desperation, as the enemies who hi jacked Islam want anyone to do just that giving them their excuse. The bottom line is that no one of any religion enjoys having their religion tarnished, and there are people who will do things in revenge which is why the enemy uses Islam as a part of their politics in order to do their acts of revenge while getting others to join their cause, because they're the victims, and you now have good Muslims doing Jihad in the name of God and Islam as they rule in communist/fascist ways all the while lying to their followers playing the puppet master role. Which is why any nation that operates under religious law is nothing more than a communist nation or fascist nation with no chance of advancing in life.

It's no different than America's poor minorities buying into the idea that America is racist against them by their activists effectively getting America's poor minorities to become disenfranchised Americans and it wasn't a bad narrative for any poor uneducated person to believe because of slavery, no different than how any good Muslim becomes a Jihadist to protect Islam and God, because of the same racism, except it's misinterpreted religious hate as the excuse, just like the misinterpreted race card being played as bait for any racist black person to use against white America just to get what ever it is they want handed to them or it becomes racism against the black people of America by America's whites.

This racism shows up more than ever in hard economic times as America's poor minorities are not educated enough to do the tasks of today in any job, so they can't hold a job or even get a job, As I mentioned earlier poor uneducated American Minorities Blacks and Hispanics became disenfranchised Americans due to their activists playing the race card against them, effectively getting their own people to believe they are victims of racism and as a result as young kids becoming disenfranchised Americans, they stop going to school in the white man's world.

Which gives the black and Hispanic activists the votes from their poor so they can live off of every hard working American's back as their liberal communist Democrat votes to give them more money as the Republicans say no in hard economic times as the Democrats label the Republicans as Nazis and the Republicans label the Democrats as Communists, because they don't want to increase their welfare check making it a racist thing, but they forget to mention that there are Black and Hispanic Republicans as their poor start calling them Uncle Toms as they went to the white man's side only because of their financial successes, and successes in life. So what does this tell us?

It tells me that Socialism which is a communists, and a fascists economic system creates racism, as Capitalism creates freedom as people become free with money in their pockets, but that money has to be earned through work, not through socialism as in the 1990s times were good economically in America and the racism we have today didn't exist as today America is in a socialist state of affairs only because there are no jobs for over 90 million Americans on welfare only because they became disenfranchised Americans deciding not to go to school as they become criminals in training. I know the racism as I seen it first hand from the Croatians and the Serbian people, as their politicians got their people to hate one another with their communist fascist racism.

In former Yugoslavia socialism brought ethnic racism, In America socialism brings racism among different races of color as Minorities vs the white man's world, and in the Middle East it becomes Religious hatred/racism, as we seen that racism get worse among the Jews in Israel as the first video shows Nazis in Israel on the Israeli page of this web site just as the Croatians got racist against their own poor Croatians labeling them as Nazis when they demonstrated with their own Occupy Wall Street in order to shut them up, just the same way America's Black and Hispanic Activist Politicians do shut the Republicans up by labeling anything they do as racist just to get what they want or they will protest and burn down cities.

Just like any wanna be Muslim Jihadist that does it for all the wrong reasons as it's all a bunch of lies. Every Nation has their own set of circumstances, but it all translates into one thing, and that is that socialism creates wars, and WW1 is prof of that as when things are bad all over there is war every where always in poor economic times, only to reduce any lands population so that there are enough jobs for everyone when all the fighting is done and everyone is killed. So which Muslim does not understand the correlations that I just explained? Because if you do understand these correlations then you now know that God and Islam has nothing to do with your politics, and any Muslim that does Jihad under these circumstances killing the innocent using Islam and God's name in vein will be going to hell for their grievances against God and Islam.

So if anyone believes in what Pamela Geller did creating a contest for people to draw a cartoon of Mohamed, then if you feel that strongly about it, then why don't you walk up to black people in America calling them a Nigger, because of what Blacks did in Ferguson, and Baltimore, as it's no different than calling any Muslim a terrorist, and we are doing this by calling the terrorists Islamic terrorists only because the Terrorists gave themselves that title using Islam as the excuse to do their politics. If you want to flip the script on the terrorists read my wall for more instructions on how we're going to stop them in their tracks by putting a halt on their recruiting efforts of using innocent naive Muslims as Jihadists fighting for Islam through their lies.

The wealth disparity in America Today being equal to that in the 1860's is only because people didn't get themselves educated enough in America for one reason or another causing themselves to get left behind in this technological advancement the world just experienced.  It's no different than being left behind a grade in grammar school because you didn't study. 

This tells me with America having 11o million people on welfare or some type of public assistance at the tax payers expense becoming the socialist state that it is created the racism we see today.  Just like Yugoslavia, Just like Today's Croatia, Just like Today's Serbia, just like the Middle East, just like the Ukraine.  Except everyone's respective racism comes in the form of communism, by shutting you up one way or the other using anything to distinguish themselves from those who don't agree with them, even using religion as the excuse.  I think slavery still existed in America in 1860 didn't it?  America was a country with a struggling economy back then just like Bangladesh with their child labor.  This tells me that Capitalism Trumps socialism any day, what is it that you don't understand.  Ms. Judith Miller is 100% correct.

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