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Note: No one will be hired, and no one will get any Donations as in the charities I describe below until there are 10,000,00o Paying members participating in  this web site's endeavors of stopping terrorism, and bringing peace to the world by explaining where the hate comes from as it has nothing to do with racism, ethnic hatred, or religious hatred as all this is nothing more than the by product of Socialist class war fare.

Veteran's Bonanza

Sponsor a Hero America

I will HIRE US Soldiers who are unemployed paying them

$1,500.00 Per week teaching them how to find their own Niche markets On the internet starting up successful BUSINESSES online making money.

All members will have access to the same training as you’ll be on my TEAM When you decide to take back your life from corporate America. Anyone can do it!

When we have 1 Million Members Standing up For America I can Hire 10,000 US Soldiers giving them a Job paying them to teach them how to start a Profitable business.

I’m looking for 100 million Members so we can Hire 1 Million Unemployed US Soldiers so we can all SAVE AMERICA together!


Grand OPENing Gift for you America!

The First Member and Last Member of any set of One Million

WINS $ 1 Million Bucks ! Guaranteed

If there is Not a full set of one million people there will be No advertising and No Cash Prizes will get Paid out concerning the First set of 1 Million Members.

Concerning Subsequent sets of 1 Million Members even if the set of 1 million sequential memberships that you are a Part of is Not a Full set of 1 Million people you will still be able to participate in all Cash Prizes except for the Guaranteed $1 Million Cash Prize for being the First person to Join in your set of one million members as you will get Paid when the one Millionth Member joins within your sequential set of one million members, and the 1 Millionth member will get paid their $1,000,000.oo as well Guaranteed.

"Your Opinions"

Is ONE of 3 Blog Categories Where Your Voice to the Politicians, Wall Street, And Corporate America and anyone else where Americans demonstrating and Protesting could be put in danger with Law Enforcement Authorities. This is To keep you safe expressing yourself getting all the right people to hear your voices through Print Newspaper advertising unless you actually enjoy getting arrested. This will also show you up as being respectable citizens in a time of Terrorist threats against us, and You by Demonstrating and Protesting are Drawing down our Law enforcement resources against the terrorist threat.

You can write Letters in all 3 Categories to Demonstrate your Wishes for Change By putting in your vote for the Best Written and explained material for your cause. With every recurring Monthly Membership fee of $100.00 you will get Voting rights and you’ll be able to create new Dialogues to get voted on in order to be Published in Print Media of Major Newspapers throughout America and the Rest of the World for everyone to read as FULL PAGE ADS informing America about your cause in a understandable unified voice Advertising, and there will be No Refunds, because the funds will be spent on Cash Prizes and Advertising.

There will be One Full page ad Printed every week, every Sunday in every Category for everyone to Read While they’re relaxing and not during the Week when everyone is busy.

The First Place Winner who wins with the Most Votes Gets their written material Printed as a AD in Major Newspapers in AMERICA as well as INTERNATIONALLY will get the following Cash Prizes in every Category for the first 3 weeks of every month.

There is a Monthly Grand Prize of $25,000.oo it doesn’t matter when you join during any part the month. The Grand Prize takes place the 4th WEEK f every Month.

THE FOLLOWING are Weekly Cash Prizes for the first 3 weeks of any Month, First place, Second PLace, THird Place, and Fourth PLace position in all 3 categories according to total VOTE Tally.

1. $10,000.oo
2. $5,000.oo
3. $2,500.oo
4. $1,000.oo From 4th Position to the 10th Place Position everyone WINS $1,000.oo EACH Just for giving it their BEST!


The 4th week of every month there will be Grand Prize Cash Prizes in all 3 Categories and they are as follows........

Monthly GRAND Prize winnings in all 3 categories.

1. $25,000.oo
2. $10,000.oo
3. $5,000.oo
4. $2,500.oo and everyone til the 10 place position wins $2,500.00 in every Category for giving it their BEST.

Anyone can Join anytime during any Month to compete for the Monthly Grand Prize.

The Disclaimer is that for any one person to win a cash Prize and to have their material Win as a First Prize in order to get printed in any Newspaper there needs to be a minimum of ONE million members. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Sponsor a Veteran America!

Anti-Terrorist Messaging Center

"Jihad Against Terrorists"

The following is how your membership fees will be used to Help America and the world FIGHT Today's Islamic Fundamentalist TERRORISTS, the following Blog Posts WILL BE PRINTED IN MAJOR NEWSPAPERS, Radio Stations as well as TV Shows on major networks around the world getting in the TERRORISTS face Stopping their RECRUITMENT of NEW Jihadists as well as helping our troops and getting AMERICA BACK TO WORK BY TEACHING THEM HOW TO START THEIR VERY OWN PROFITABLE INTERNET BUSINESSES, which will be available to all hired Troops and members of


Notice: Every Member is advised when they Join to try and change the WORLD through to make sure that you remain anonymous by not using any Login name that is in any way affiliated with you when using this web site.

You are also advised to create anonymous Facebook Pages and Twitter pages associated with you that is Separate from any accounts that you may already have with them in order to use this web site in a safe manner to remain anonymous as the danger reasons are obvious in order to stay safe.

You are also advised to create Yahoo, or Aol, or Gmail email accounts for your New Facebook and Twitter accounts other than the email account that you may already have and use personally. Again This advise is for everyone's Safety. WAS created to get everyone involved in the FIGHT against
Islamic Fundamentalist TERRORISTS in a POSITIVE manner and to accomplish
this CASH PRIZES are available for winners with QUALITY POSTS against today's TERRORISTS and you can win $1,000,000.oo Monthly through YOUR BLOGS in our "Terrorist Messaging Center”. The first 2 Members who Win First Place in all 3 Categories WIN $1,000,000.oo Each Guaranteed.

"Your Views"

"Tell The Truth America"

This is Where Americans Tell The World The TRUTH about America and her People this way No one will be able to feed LIES to those that do not know anything about us, brain washing them against us for No REASONS at all.

9/11 Will Never Happen again my Friends, and we all need to get involved to change the world!

ROLL the Dice Baby!

THERE IS ONE $1,000,000.00 CASH PRIZE WINNER for every set of 1 million members. WINNERS will be determined at the roll of the dice according to membership sign up position from being the first member to sign up to the last signed up membership position. The roll of the DICE will be live online for all to view and anything that's rolled between two dice with a total over 9 is equal to zero, any Snake Eyes equals 1, and a pair equals that number that's rolled such as 2 sixes is a six, and the 2 dice will be rolled once for every digit within the total number of digits in the web site's total membership giving everyone an equal opportunity to WIN $1,000,000.00 CASH PAID in USD.

If your membership sign up position is rolled with the DICE you win the cash PRIZE, but in order to win any cash PRIZE you need to have POSTED content on any one of the 3 BLOGs that is NOT VULGAR or hateful otherwise you will lose your cash prize by DEFAULT.

Cash Prize winners will only be considered if there is any creative material to considerfor a CASH Prize for any Roll The Dice contest, and if there is not any material, then the winner will be picked by the Roll of the Dice once again with consideration of membership position, and I am doing this to give back to the membership community even if they have zero votes, but they need to have something POSTED on any one blog or in all 3 of the blogs available to be considered for a CASH PRIZE.

AS CASH....PRIZES WILL BE PAID OUT FROM THE MEMBERSHIP FEES TO ANYONE THAT HAD CONTRIBUTED TO ANY OF THE BLOGS OR ALL 3 BLOGS. If you have nothing posted and your membership position is rolled with the dice then you DO NOT win a CASH PRIZE and lose the CASH PRIZE by DEFAULT and we will roll the DICE for a REPLACEMENT winner. If you have any vulgar or hateful content posted, again you will lose by default and a replacement CASH winner will be found.

Note: The Numbers of sets of One million members determines how many times the Dice get rolled every Month. If there are 100 Million Members, then the Dice get rolled 100 X every Month giving away $1,000,000.00 USD to 100 individuals. You can be a Multiple Winner as well Winning Every Month, or winning Multiple times in the same month depending on the roll if you're LUCKY enough. When there are 100 Million Members everyone has 100 equal chances to win that Million $ Prize at the Roll of the Dice every Month.

You should also know that when there are 100 Million members there will be 100 First Place winners, 100 Second Place Winners, 100 Third Place Winners, and 100 Fourth Place WINNERS in every category. You will get paid your CASH PRIZE, but you need to have something posted as NO Posts get No VOTES!

With the creative work that you contribute to the cause in any blog category and the voting process you can win CASH PRIZES by the means described above as you NEED TO HAVE SOMETHING POSTED TO WIN ANY CASH PRIZE IN ANY CATEGORY. NO POSTS EQUAL, NO CASH PRIZE WINNER.

I am doing it this way to get everyone involved in this fight against our TERRORISTS, and I've taken into consideration the fact that people may not have any votes, but everyone will get involved just for the opportunity to win the cash prizes every week, every month, and every QUARTER, and Bi annually and Yearly CASH PRIZE which can equal 100 MILLION US DOLLARS.

The Talk Show is where anyone can be Larry king, or BARBARA WALTERS for an hour or half an hour. Get a Few friends and have your scripted talk show for the Terrorists to watch what your take on things are! You do this at your own RISK, because you will be showing your face on the talk show and you won't be anonymous anymore. The Talk Show is for people who don't care about being anonymous because they are NOT AFRAID of the terrorists and probably can handle themselves if it came to being attacked. I will be PERSONALLY picking individuals to Host their own Talk Show at My discretion so make sure you have quality material my friends or you will not get the chance to to host your own internet Talk Show.

EVERYONE is anonymous and if anyone chooses NOT be be anonymous they are advised that they do it at their own risk and will not be responsible for any repercussions that may result from being a member of unless it was due to the negligence and indiscretions of that may have caused those repercussions as can guarantee you that your information will NEVER BE SOLD TO ANYONE ONE PERSON OR ORGANIZATION FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER.


MULTIPLE MONTHLY $1,000,000.oo USD CASH WINNERS and Guide lines as how to WIN IT...........

If anyone gets first place in 3 BLOGGING categories with the most VOTES they win
$1,000,000.00 automatically, But limited to one for every set of one million members every month. IF there are NO WINNERS, then at the roll of
the DICE there will be 1 ONE MILLION US DOLLAR WINNER according to Membership number as in placement from being the first person to become a member of to being the last member as in their numerical position with regards to consecutive membership enrollment, and winners will be decided by using the roll of the dice as described above. There will also be one more $1 Million USD winner picked at RANDOM.

There will be 2 $1 Million Roll of the Dice WINNERS for EVERY Set of 1 million people which includes the 1 person from every set of 1 million members who gets First place in all 3 categories. 2 Million Dollar Winners every Month for every set of ONE Million members.


If there are 2 Million members then one person will win $1,000,000.oo USD by getting first place in all 3 blog categories, and the other 1 individual will win at the roll of the DICE, and if NO ONE gets First place in all three categories for any set of one million members in any month, then the Million dollar winners will be picked with the roll of the DICE or by any other means at the discretion of

1 person wins by getting FIRST PLACE by having the most votes in ALL 3 BLOG categories, and 1 more person will win with the roll of the dice as described above every month.

NOTE; To win any Million $ CASH PRIZE you need to have content POSTED on any one of the 3 BLOGGING categories. I am doing this to give back to the membership community for getting involved in this anti TERRORIST PROJECT giving everyone an equal opportunity to win CASH for QUALITY CONTENT in any contest.


There will NOT BE multiple cash Prize winners by the same person with the same
blog content, but the same person can win multiple cash prizes in any month.
New content needs to be created to be a multi CASH PRIZE winner.

In any case when a new CASH winner needs to be chosen due to disqualification due to Vulgar or hateful content, or no content at all then it will be done by either using DICE, or other means deemed feasible and fair by such as at random.

Again if their is Vulgarity or hateful content that you POST, or if you don't post
anything at all then you will lose your cash PRIZE by DEFAULT and another winner will be found to REPLACE you as a winner for any TYPE of CASH PRIZE WINNINGS on the web site of RESERVES the right to use other methods to chose Cash WINNERS at random NOT using the DICE method at any time. NO POSTS equal NO CASH WINNER at all times so make an effort to get a something constructive in our terrorists face!

The First and Last Person who joins will be $1,000,000.oo CASH prize Winners Automatically of any full set of 1 Million members.

Quarterly Cash Prize Contest

3 month consecutive membership is where members compete for a quarterly
“GRAND PRIZE” of a $2,000,000.00 Prize for every set of One million members, and you are eligible for this Quarterly CASH PRIZE with a 3 month membership in any quarter during the course of the year.

Six Month Cash Contest

Every six month consecutive membership qualifies for the $5 million
Competition called the “Millennium Prize”, and a six month consecutive
membership is required to qualify for this prize.

The Yearly prize called The

Maximillion Grand Prize of $1 Billion

You need to be a member for a FULL YEAR 365 DAYS to be eligible for
this MaxiMillion Prize.

If there are a billion members, winner gets $1 per membership which is a $1 Billion MaxiMillion GRAND PRIZE. You need to be a member for 1 year to win except for NEW YEARS 2011 as the YEARLY PRIZE will be available to all NEW MEMBERS For THE GRAND OPENING OF

ONLY PUBLISHED BLOGS OF ANY TYPE that are used to advertise WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THE PUBLIC TO VIEW on as all other works will be PRIVATE only for the eyes of's members to view as we don't need to let on to the terrorists as to any game plan we may have going on at any one moment.

Because our TROOPS and their family's are having a difficult time when they come back home From the FRONT LINES $10.00 from every MONTHLY membership fee will be given to charities that HELP our TROOPS so that they can get better from their trauma when they come home.

It will go to the Following Charities that SUPPORT OUR TROOPS

  8. Fisher House Foundation
  13. NYPD/FDNY Widowers Endowment fund

When we get 100 Million Americans to JOIN then those CHARITIES THAT SUPPORT OUR TROOPS will be sharing $1 Billion with one another every MONTH.

Just because I had this idea and created this business it doesn't give me the right not to inform you as to where the money is going and for that reason alone I will be sending every member a Monthly Statement saying exactly where the money has gone every Month.

America we're in this fight together and I've created this business because of an IDEA I had which I believe will work in STOPPING ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST TERRORISTS, and I want to help America and it's charities to help all of us pull ourselves out of these hard times we are experiencing today. WE need to PUT AMERICA BACK TO WORK PEOPLE.

The First person and THE LAST PERSON in all full sets of 1 million members that
JOINS automaticaly WIN $1,000,000.00 USD and all cash Prizes of any type are Paid out upon a membership of 1 million members minimum.

Portions of every monthly membership fee will be going to the following American Charities every month........

8. Wednesday's Child
20. Oprah's Angel Network
35. The Little Baby Face Foundation
36. The Alexa Foundation

To Change The WORLD Click below

TAX Notice:

All Non US Resident Cash Prize Winners will need to comply with Tax Law guidelines as specified by the IRS which will be explained in detail when you win the Cash Prize. will be looking for individuals who are LEGAL Naturalized Americans for the Purposes of Hiring them to do the same thing that You and I are doing with this web site, but they will be doing it for their own Homeland and their own people making life better for their people in their own homelands in order to keep conditions from arising that can bring about events like 9/11 as if we don't help them then Nothing will change just as it hasn't changed in Croatia even after the Brutal Balkan War as it's still the same crap as before when it was Yugoslavia, and History does repeat itself if conditions don't change my friends it just finds another way to do it.

I will ONLY be Considering Members OF for this position as I want every Muslim American to Join as a Member distinguishing themselves from their and our Terrorists. Otherwise why did you come here if you don't want to be an American because this is an AMERICAN web site and the world is going to know exactly who we are My friends and I want you included.

Do You Hear me NOW?