Liberals are no different than Islamist Jihadists 

Now you know who Hi Jacked Islam.  Do You still think you're doing God's work fighting for Islam or Muslims?  Do you realize now that you may be going to hell instead fighting for man made politics in the name of God or Islam, which is the Big Lie being told to you?

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The Term Jihad only means that's it's anyone Muslim's struggle to accomplish something, it could be anything such as a struggle to educate themselves, or to be a great parent, or a great doctor, or a great race car driver, and what the people who Hi Jacked Islam accomplished was proving through their propaganda lies that Islam, and Muslims are being hated, no different than the racism in America against white America by America's poor blacks, and hispanics, because it's the white racists fault they decided not to get educated, and today they can't find a good paying job to pay their own way through life, as America's trailer park white trash blame the greedy rich white guy with the same hate.  

Capitalism Trumps Socialism folks, as Capitalism never created income inequality as educated people working paying their own way with a livable wage, because they educated themselves.  

Islam was Hi Jacked by their version of their Communists/Fascists who are both Socialists which creates the income inequality that creates the class warfare that creates the hate.  Depending on what country you live in it's either racism as it's in America, or it's ethnic hatred as it was in former Yugoslavia, or it's the commie vs the Nazi in today's Croatia, or it's the Religious hatred of the middle East, because that's how they decided to distinguish themselves in their politics. 

This is exactly why we have a separation of Church and state in the USA, because any religion only creates a socialist economy which creates the hate, and it doesn't matter what you want to call yourselves.  

Islam was Hi Jacked by your socialists to my Muslim friends, as God and Islam have nothing to do with your politics, so now that you understand this it's, it's time for you to distinguish yourselves from those brain washed terrorists who are slandering Islam as they think they're representing you, just as I'm distinguishing my dead father Stank Cerkez from being the Nazi he was labeled as by the Yugoslavian, and Croatian communists as a Ustasa Croatian freedom fighter.  

As the Ustasa are nothing more than Croatia's Tea Party just as America's Tea Party conservatives or Republican Nazi racists as they were labeled as being by America's free loading niggers and spics who didn't get themselves educated and it's the racist rich guys fault they can't pay their own way feeding themselves instead of being on welfare.  

The white guy put them there?  As they perpetuate that slave master sob story to the world, just as any wanna be Jihadist perpetuates the propaganda of the world hating Islam and Muslims which is a total lie.  This is why everyone on this site is anonymous for everyone's safety. 

It's time for the good Muslims to take back Islam, the same way we're going to take back America from that free loader, and this is the only place that you have to do this.  

So Join today my friends and let's turn the tables on the assholes slandering Islam, as it's everyone's duty to do so.


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When will the good people of Islam distinguish themselves from Islamist terrorists?  click here for more info...

A bias attack against a Muslim kid

Things you didn't know about Muslims in China

Socialism is the problem that brings the hate

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Should we build the wall, you decide?

"Justice" TV SHOW suspended due to Judge Jeanine Pirro calling out Congress woman Ilhan Omar's anti semitic views, and she couldn't handle the Truth, so Fox News Suspended her.  That's not right, bring her back America. 

Congress woman Ilhan Omar charges that American Jewish Politicians also have an allegiance to Israel.  Here's a question everyone has to any Muslim.  On 9/11/01 Terrorists who happened to be Muslim attacked America in the name of God, and Islam.  A few days afterward, the good Muslim people of Islam came out in Force to demonstrate stating that "Islam was Hi Jacked", and that Muslims are "Not the Enemy".   Ok, So who Hi Jacked Islam?  Some people say that the following link is the English translation of the Koran ....   The question is why didn't the good Muslim people distinguish themselves from the terrorists who Hi Jacked Islam.  Now since the terrorists Hi Jacked Islam, the next question is.  The previous link that is supposed to be the Koran translated to English, is it the true Koran, or is it the terrorist's version of the Koran.  Again why haven't the Good Muslim people distinguished themselves from the terrorists who Hi Jacked Islam.  If you're afraid today is your lucky day as I'm selling FREE speech and everyone is anonymous for their safety.  So if you're a Muslim, you should join the "Millionaires Wish List" so you can win cash prizes talking the good people of Islam out of the idea of becoming Jihadi terrorists as they may be going to hell instead.  Judge Jeanine Pirro in the video above asks all the right questions.  Congress woman Ilhan Omar as a American Muslim who do you hold allegiance to?  Don't you think it's time for the people of Islam to distinguish themselves from their terrorists as Muslims who Hi Jacked Islam, or do you all as Muslims want a World wide Caliphate with Islam ruling the world?  Is this your thinking Ms. Ilhan Omar?

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The New Caliphate

Chelsea Clinton gets attacked.....No 49 people got killed, because Muslims never distinguished themselves from those who Hi Jacked Islam since 9/11/01

ISIS American to be RELEASED from Jail

Muslims Who Stand Up To Mullah's Are No 'Islamophobes'

Why do Christians have the right to laugh at a Ricky Gervais take on God and Jesus, but we Muslims dare not criticize the 17-times-a-day deriding of Christians and Jews that takes place in our mosques across the world?

Just as Martin Luther was no Christian Phobe when he stood up to the Roman Catholic Church, Muslims who stand up to Mullahs are no "Islamophobes."

On Sunday March 17, Hassan Sajwani, an active Twitterati in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) quoted a warning his country's foreign minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan had delivered to Europe at the "Tweeps Forum" in Saudi Arabia in 2017.

The UAE foreign minister had cautioned Europe about the rise of Islamic extremists within the continent: "There will come a day when we see far more radicals, extremists and terrorists coming from Europe because of (a) lack of decision-making, and [European politicians} trying to be politically correct."

Sajwani's tweet recollecting the UAE minister's 2017 warning turned out to be quite prophetic. The very next day, on Monday, Turkish-born gunman Gokmen Tanis brought the Dutch city of Utrecht to a halt when he fired on a tram (streetcar) killing three people and injuring three others.Dutch prosecutors investigating the attack say, "So far a terrorist motive is being seriously taken into account. Among other things a letter found in the getaway car and the nature of the facts give rise to that," a statement said (in Dutch), without detailing the contents of the letter.

The Utrecht killing of non-Muslims by a Turkish terror suspect cannot be seen outside the recent massacre of Muslims inside two New Zealand mosques by a white nationalist and earlier massacres carried out against Christians inside and outside churches in The Philippines and Nigeria as well as in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Egypt.

While the world gave 24/7 coverage to the Christchurch mosque massacre and white folks rightfully denounced one of their own sons, to embrace their Muslim citizens, there was almost no coverage of the Muslim massacre of Christians in Nigeria just a few days earlier on March 4.

Similarly, on Jan. 27, Muslim jihadis bombed a Catholic church in Jolo, Philippines, killing 20 Christians, yet this attack barely caused a ripple. No weeping politicians, no candlelit vigils and no public demonstration by Muslims in Canada denouncing the jihadi terrorists the way whites denounced a white nationalist.

In fact, Islamists in Europe and North America used the outpouring of goodwill towards Muslims to target Muslim critics of Islamism. Death threats called for eliminating me, my friend Maajid Nawaz in U.K., Imam Muhammad Tawhidi in Australia and scores of secular Muslims were targeted.

These attacks angered Ensaf Haider, the Canadian wife of Saudi prisoner of conscience Raif Badawi. She tweeted: "Don't be fooled by Pro-Sharia Islamists in North America. They may want u to believe they r saddened by the #NewZealandMosqueAttacks, but fact is they cant disguise the triumphant spring in their step. Now, they'll milk sympathy and play victim while pushing their Islamist agenda."

As a 2017 report tracking "violent Islamist extremism" found, jihadi terrorism has resulted in the deaths of 84,000 people. There was a total of 7,841 attacks – an average of 21 per day – in 48 countries.

These figures should alarm Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Opposition leader Andrew Scheer and the NDP's Jagmeet Singh, but all three parroted the Islamist agenda of legitimizing the most regressive segment of Muslims in Canada while abandoning Muslims who have stood up against Sharia and the doctrine of Armed Jihad.

Which begs the question: Why do Christians have the right to laugh at a Ricky Gervais take on God and Jesus, but we Muslims dare not criticize the 17-times-a-day deriding of Christians and Jews that takes place in our mosques across the world?

Just as Martin Luther was no Christianphobe when he stood up to the Roman Catholic Church, Muslims who stand up to Mullahs are no "Islamophobes."

Tarek Fatah, a founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress and columnist at the Toronto Sun, is a Robert J. and Abby B. Levine Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

What did you think was going to continue happening only because the good Muslims never distinguished themselves from the terrorists who Hi Jacked Islam?  Until Muslims do this, a lot more people are going to die on all sides needlessly, and it's the Jihadi terrorists fault as well as the Muslim people's fault for NOT stopping the terrorists from killing innocent people in the name of God, and Islam.