Jihad against Terrorists

Anyone can write a letter to the terrorists Up to 3000 words and the first place winner wins a cash prize of $25,000.oo This contest will occur on the 4th week of every month from the membership fees of $100.00USD/month. It should be noted Just because someone gets a cash prize for their work and material

from the most votes 1, 2, 3, or 4th prize it doesn’t mean their work will be used to advertise REBELTV.US

RebelTV.US reserves the right not to print or publish anything inappropriate that may hurt someone. This is why we will consider using 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners to have their creative dialogue used to get in the terrorists faces, if the first place winner doesn't cut the mustard as to the standards that are being imposed for Peace. This concept will allow people to keep their opinions honest and Not Politically Correct because EVERYONE is being Put on Notice, Just because Your work is not used in the advertising campaign against the terrorists because your opinion does not meet the standards that are being imposed on everyone. You should Know That if your opinion is Not Used it will NOT Stop you from collecting your Cash Prizes from being the WINNER with the MOST Votes on any topic. I want YOU to Win and I want Honesty from everyone My fellow Americans.

There are Weekly cash prizes leading up to the monthly prize of $25,000.00 in every category for 1st place.

Everyone is eligible for the monthly Grand Prize of $25k every month it doesn’t matter when you joined.

Weekly Cash Prizes for First place in all 3 categories according to total VOTE Tally is as follows for the first 3 weeks of any month for any of the 3 Blog Categories which are as follows "Jihad against Terrorists", "Your Opinions", and "Your Views"

  1. $10
  2. $5 K
  3. $2.5 K
  4. $1 K In every Category

Monthly Grand Prize Cash Prize winnings in all 3 categories are as follows for the 4th week of any month.

  1. $ 25 K
  2. $ 10 K
  3. $ 5 K
  4. $ 2.5 K
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