IRAN’S Future?

The Next Revolution is coming soon....

Pope Francis - vs - The Ayatollah

There's No Contest, as the Ayatollah loses by default.

Fuck you Ayatollah & Al Quada

Those Stupid Iranians

Iran's challenges

Taking Responsibility Part 1

Taking Responsibility Part 2

The American Dream Part 1

The American Dream Part 2

The American Dream Part 3

The American Dream Part 4

In the third video I mentioned that Nelson Mandela was a self

Proclaimed communist, but not the kind I was used to knowing, 

Just as I'm Not that Nazi some think that I am.  Now I ask all my

Muslim friends to compare their life styles in their homelands to

that of Cuba's communism in the videos below, or will you disregard

this and go to hell by doing Jihad one day against the innocent as in

Cuba the Jewish people are oppressed against following their Jewish

Religion, no different than how the likes of the Arab terrorists who claim

to be doing Jihad are  destroying Christian Churches in the name of God

and killing the innocent as they are doing the Devil's work and that's called


Cuba's Communism Part 1

Cuba's Communism Part 2

Highway Robbery, is America as Communist

as CUBA, and is Bernie Sanders as communist as Fidel Castro?

This is what the communists of former Yugoslavia did as well, and Yugoslavia no longer exists. Too bad the Croatians were stupid enough to create a socialist Republic after winning their independence, and they still have 25% unemployment. Poor people have no FREEDOM my friends, as empty pockets doesn't give anyone the freedom to do anything.

FYI, there is no such thing is anyone as communist as the other guy. As all communists redistribute other people's wealth for their own agenda, and it's not to help you come out of poverty, as it is to keep you there for the vote. It's like sucking on your mamma's titties for the rest of your life until you die. Just go to the Cuba page and see how far Cuba came ahead into the millenium as they got stuck in 1956, and don't believe Fidel as he blames America"s sanctions, and the proof is that Croatia has not moved forward since it's independence in 1991 from former Yugoslavia which was a Communist socialist state. You think there's no work in America today, wait till Bernie Sanders Becomes President. Communism and Socialism is the Same thing to anyone who does not realize this.



Taking Responsibility Part 3

Or you can continue your bullshit, and allow the world to continue thinking

the following of you as a Muslim of the Islamic Religion.  The choice is yours my friends

as videos like this are all over the internet.  What do you want the world to believe about you?


Posted by Britain First on Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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