Just like Yugoslavia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, KOSOVO, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, IRAN,  Venezuela, Cuba, Columbia, what do they all have in common?  So WHO Hi Jacked Islam?

Palestinian Israeli Peace

The migration crisis

Democracies without Capitalism Breed generational hate fueled civil wars

Turkey is NEXT.....

Just Like Yugoslavia, Croatia, Turkey, Columbia, Spain/Catalonia and Venezuela as Socialism breeds corruption with income inequality that brings Class war fare creating ethnic/cultural racist Ideological hate just like the Black on white Racism in America, and the Puerto Rican Hispanic on white racism in America.  So what do you call the hate when everyone is of the same ethnicity, color, and of the same religion?  Stupidity or a Mental Problem like what the Croatians have going on due to Socialism.

Irish vs The British 

So tell us to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters, after you watch the History of others who are not of the Islamic Religion.  How can you think that you're going to Heaven as you use God and Islam as your excuse for killing innocent non Muslims, being blasphemous to God, and Islam yourselves for using them in vein as those same others have the same history as you do as Muslims from oppressed lands?  God is Perfect and man is NOT, as God Judges everyone when they're dead, if they get to go to Heaven regardless of their religion.  Are you sure that you're going to heaven doing Jihadi Terror against the innocent, by doing suicide terrorism against yourself, and harm or death to others in the name of God and Islam?  Good Luck to all your poor souls as you get to go to hell instead.  Prove that you won't be going to hell.  Good luck with that one.

Yugoslavia's History Part 1

Yugoslavia's History Part 2

Yugoslavia's History Part 3

Yugoslavia's History Part 4

Yugoslavia's History Part 5 

So what's the difference between the break up of Yugoslavia to that of the break up of

any oppressed Muslim land for the same reasons of Socialism?  There is no difference

using God and Islam as their excuse being blasphemous to Islam and God. Now you know

who Hi Jacked Islam on 9/11/01, The Socialists of the Muslim People, their communists vs their fascists,

But instead God and Islam is the excuse instead of Milosevic's excuses of what was Yugoslavia to keep it together.

When any person uses Religion or God as their Excuse for their politicking they are being blasphemous to god

and their religion.  Why?  Because God is Perfect as he created the universe and man, but man created the world

we live in, and man is not perfect in his or her politicking in many ways. So do you still want to martyr yourself as

a Muslim thinking that you're going to heaven getting all those virgins?  Maybe you'll be going to hell instead.

I don't think any devout Muslim wants to go to HELL.  So Keep your Islamic Religion out of your Politicking buddy,

because when anyone uses their religion and GOD to do their politicking they're being blasphemous to God and

their Religion no matter what religion they represent.

The Arab Spring to Venezuela, and Turkey

What Black Lives Matter, the Antifa, and Muslim 

Jihadist terrorists have in common....

London, Manchester Attack

The UK's Left/Progressive/Socialists

Gold Star Parent on Pakistani TV

Putin warns of WW111

Vladimir Putin Tells it like it is...

Thank you Mr. Putin for not allowing yourself to 

get sucked into the bias of America's stupid media 

Which creates the racism we have here in America today...

I smell a set up......Hey you 

schmuck, you claim Islamophobia, so why have you and your 

1.5 billion Muslims NOT distinguished yourselves from those

who Hi Jacked Islam?  So who Hi Jacked Islam?  I'll explain it,

and today any Muslim can be anonymous in order to distinguish

themselves from their and our terrorists without fear of retaliation

since everyone is anonymous at this web site.

Pope Francis & Trump

Trump and Obama agree, not all Muslims are Terrorists!

Hungary's migrants not welcome!!!!!!!

FREE Amir & Pastor Saeed Aberdini

No Different than what the Communists & Fascists did during WW11,

time changes, but the results are the same !

Ottoman Communist Fascists in 1915


What happened with the Ottomans is the same as what happen in former Yugoslavia in every civil war.

Arab Communists Killing Christians


Arab communists killing Christians in the name of Islam and God
doing the same thing the Yugoslavian communists did during WW11 and most
recently during the Balkan war of Former Yugoslavia, and we saw what the Fascists
did to the Jews during the Holocaust.

Except the Meinkompf was Hitlers Bible and Fascism was his church. There are people who use
Religion and God or their supposed superior race, as the excuse to do the things they do, and
then there are people whose own insecurities make them want to destroy every religion so they
can do the things they do without repercussions.

The Yugoslavians called themselves Communists and Fascists, the Arabs call themselves
Sunni VS Shiite, just as in America we call ourselves Democrats Vs Republicans, but when
the economy sucks the democrats call the Republicans Fascists, as the Republicans call the
Democrats communists because it's always the other sides fault when nothing gets done when
there is no money.

Just as it became the Serbian people's fault when Yugoslavia failed in the eyes of the Croatians,
just as in the eyes of the Serbian people it was the Croatian's fault Yugoslavia failed, because
their economy sucked, and today they still blame one another just as the so called wanna be Jihadist
terrorists blame the so called infidels, except the communist/fascist who Hi jacked Islam is using
God and Religion as their excuse to kill Muslims and non Muslims a like, because that's who they
chose to blame for their failures.

News flash to any nation that fails, it is the fault of all their people your nation failed.
As today Croatia is failing economically, as is Serbia as well, as they blame one another still today,
but today they have nothing to do with one another. So why would anyone use their Religion and
God as a part of their politics, because if they do, they will be slandering God and their religion
every time they can't get things done politically or get their economy going.

So what are the Muslim people of any Muslim nation going to create politically, so that God and Islam
do not get slandered by themselves alone? Democracy is great, but democracy without Capitalism is
nothing at all. If your nation fails economically, it's the fault of all your people. God and your
religion, or anyone else has nothing to do with your failures. God created this world and everything
else, man kind created the world we live in.

God is perfect as man is NOT, but God gave us a brain, use it to succeed for yourselves,
your people, your nation. When your nation succeeds, your people succeed, and there
is no war. Your decisions made this happen, not God, and not anyone's religion.

When Muslims build their House of worship which is called a Mosk, they build it with
3 straight walls, and the 4th wall is crooked. Why? Because the only one that is
perfect is God as man is not so the 4th wall is crooked representing man's imperfections.

So why would any God loving Muslims believe people like Al Quada and Isis who say Islam
is under attack in order to do their recruiting, as it's obvious the only people who are
attacking Islam are the likes of Isis and Al Quada who are brain washing naive people into
thinking that they are doing God's work, that they are protecting Islam and Muslims in the
name of God.

What happens when you do the dirty work of Isis and Al Quada? You go to hell,
and there is no turning back unless you redeem yourselves in front of God by going against
Al Quada, and Isis, the communists/fascists who Hi Jacked Islam in God's name using his name
in vein. Why do I say this? Because God does not need anyone's help as he is the creator
of everything.

The Problem good Muslims have with their communist/fascists that Hi jacked Islam, is the
same problem the world has with the communist/fascists that hi jacked every religion of the
world with gay marriage. In America those communists/fascists are the Liberals & Progressives
who Hi Jacked the democratic party. Communists and fascists divide people with anything
they can think of as the excuse. It can be race, ethnicity, or religion or wages as in
class war fare.

Socialism creates that class war fare that starts up all the hate. In America the communist
fascist activists label the Republican Party as racist Nazis when they don't vote to increase
unempolyment or vote to cut welfare as if the only poor people that are unemployed or welfare
are of the Black or Spanish minorities, and the poor person of color believes them as
they create the same kind of riots for freedom based on lies such as Fergusson with Michael Brown,
just as the Egyptians and everyone else that has done the same in the Middle East, and former

Socialism in America today created the racist hatred, it created the ethnic hatred of former
Yugoslavia which led to the Balkan war of the 1990s, and it created the Civil war of the Ukraine
with Russia up to it's dirty tricks, just as it created the Religious hatred of the Middle East
leading to their civil wars. Some people say that President Obama is a Communist socialist, he
is neither as he is an opportunist.

America is lucky he is President otherwise we would be fighting a racist civil war in America today
just like the Middle East is because of the communists fascists that Hi Jacked Islam.

Is this enough proof to any wanna Be Jihadist Terrorist that claims they are Muslim making them
rethink if they are doing God's work in the name of Islam doing the dirty work for the likes of
Al Quada, Isis, and anyone else? I hope now our Muslim friends understand why there needs to be
a separation of Religion from any nation's statehood. Capitalism will bring peace to all nations as
as Socialism, does not as we see the clashes in Hong Kong due to China wanting to influence who is
qualified to run for office in Hong Kong as long as they favor China's politics.

Just as we've seen the riots in the streets of Greece due to their economy which sucks as it always
has under socialism, except today their Government is in so much debt that they created for their
welfare recipients and out landish pensions as favors from their respective communist fascist
political party. Just like former Yugoslavia that doesn't exist any more.


The following video is the proof that shows how ISIS and their supporters are nothing more than the Arab version of their communists, as they are doing to their people exactly what the communists of former Yugoslavia did to my family since Yugoslavia's creation, no different than what a Croatian Communist Doriano Blazina did to me as a American of ethnic Croatian origins, and we all know what the Nazi Fascists did to the Jews during WW11.  This tells me that the Nazis and the Communists are the same, as they both killed other people as the excuse of their own failures, expanding their lands at the deaths and costs of others.  This is why Democracy is nothing without Capitalism, as socialism is a failure whether it came from a communist or a fascist.

In Hatred of the Faith Part 1

In Hatred of the Faith Part 2

In Hatred of the Faith Part 3

In Hatred of the Faith Part 4

In Hatred of the Faith Part 5

Iran's Supreme Leader says Death to America


There was a time when people thought if you walked to the horizon or the edge of the world, they would fall off the World.  We learned that was a figment of our imagination due to our fear of exploring the unknown.   Yes God is great and he created everything, but we humans created the World we live in today, and Capitalism is the undisputed winner, and the only thing God had to do with it was giving us a mind to think of it.

Black on Black Racism

Here we have poor Blacks with the help and guidance of America's communists/Fascists activists labeling honest hard working black people as being Anti Black, because they crossed over to the White man's side who created the USA only because they are successful and financially independent.  Sounds like the same problem Sunni and Shiite Muslims have with one another.  Sounds like the same problem the Croatian Catholics and Greek Orthodox Serbs have with one another.  Except the Croats and the Serbs never called themselves Christian Crusaders and neither did the Irish Republican Army, because we never wanted to Slander Christianity or God and Jesus Christ our Savior in the name of our politics due to our inadequacies to be able to support the populations of our lands.  What is it that any Muslim does not understand about my Analysis?

Muslim Political Reform is needed


Maybe now the Muslim political leadership, and their people will learn and understand why The house of God no matter which religion needs to be separate from their Nations Politics as if it's not, it will always be communist or fascist with no future of prosperity for any of their people.  Religion introduces us to God as God is Perfect, but man is not, and through our knowledge and love of God we live our lives, and it is not for any believer in God to Judge anyone as that is God's job.  Also God does not need anyone's help to kill anyone using his name in vane, and if anyone kills in God's name they will go to hell.  So all those who think Islam's Martyr's went to Heaven for defending Islam are actually mistaken, because Islam was never attacked by anyone other than the Arab version of their communists/fascists who Hi Jacked Islam killing each other in God's name, and the USA has nothing to do with any Muslims dirty politics using God as his Ace card to trump anyone or any nation.  So if you think your fighting for ISIS, or Al Quada or Hamas is fighting for Islam you are wrong, as you're fighting for the communist/fascist Devil that Hi Jacked the Great Religion of Islam.

So which Muslim wants to go to HELL ?

ISIS Unholy WAR Part 1

ISIS Unholy WAR Part 2

ISIS Unholy WAR Part 3

ISIS Unholy WAR Part 4

ISIS Unholy WAR Part 5

ISIS Unholy WAR Part 6

Day 1 Summit on Terror Feb. 18, 2015 Part 1

Day 1 Summit on Terror Feb. 18, 2015 Part 2

Day 2 Summit on Terror Feb. 19, 2015 Part 1

Day 2 Summit on Terror Feb. 19, 2015 Part 2

Ukraine vs Russian Communism

Egypts Communism

President Obama Declares WAR on SPISIS Feb. 11, 2015

United WE Stand !  Part 1

United WE Stand ! Part 2

United WE Stand ! Part 3

United WE Stand ! Part 4


Are Muslims Communists or Fascists ?

They are Both Just like the Croatians, because their

Economy SUCKS !

In the NEWS August 8, 2014

There are NO innocent Palestinians !

World Crisis 

Who's who in the Middle East

Muslim Woman Sentenced to Death

to be Released

Finally Sudan, a Muslim Nation realizes that mixing Religion with Statehood Politics is Nothing more than Communism/Fascism,

realizing that produces the Slander of Islam, and now everyone knows why the communist/ fascists Hi Jacked Islam.

For Total control of the Muslim people sending the weak to do their dirty work Politicking on the communist fascist's behalf,

blowing themselves up, or killing the innocent, and going to hell, just so that their communist leaders voices can be heard.

What does Politics have to do with anyone's Religion?  Absolutely Nothing.  Politicking is all about any Nation's Economy,

making it go forward for their people's prosperity, and God, nor Islam, or anyone Else's Religion has nothing

to do with the Economy Stupid!

Sentenced to Death by Hanging after 100 Lashes

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