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President Trump on Socialist Venezuela 

To any Muslim, when 9/11/01 occured in NYC the good Muslim people came out in force, and said "We're NOT the Enemy, Islam was Hi Jacked".  But no one ever explained who Hi Jacked Islam, maybe no one knew where to begin.  Let's start right here.  You see the identity politics dividing the USA across every bigoted racist conceivable way bringing racist hate as it's never been seen in this generation enhanced with the help of a biased news media in order to destroy President Trump, just as any socialist communist/fascist nations do as well with their coup d'etats, just like Egypt, Iran, and former Yugoslavia all for the same reasons to keep power and control.  Now you will realize as a Muslim as to who Hi Jacked Islam, and now you have a face to put together with this knowledge as your true Jihad is to defend Islam against slander.  So wouldn't you say that those who are recruiting innocent naive Muslims to blow themselves up in the name of God for their man made political leaders for their political gain as they go to hell for committing the ultimate sin, "Suicide" and God and Islam had nothing to do with it as in the man made politics they're fighting for themselves, and not the Muslim people in any socialist state for sure, but they call it an Islamic state of any nation to make the people think they're living in a Islamic nation, as the powers in charge implement anything they want their society to do or act a certain way.  My family is from former Yugoslavia, and we're Croatians, the same thing happen there, as happened in any Muslim nation that was run by a dictator, just like Venezuela.  Socialism brings hate, and civil wars.  Every Muslim nation that has generational civil wars, now you know why.  The only civil war the USA had was to free the American slaves.  Capitalism frees people, socialism brings hate and war, prison, and death through their own greed for the ruling class.   Islam nor any other religion can have anything to do with the politics of any land, because if it is, the religion will get slandered with man's stupidity.   As any Islamist promotes hate to recruit any naive Muslim to do their dirty work in the name of God, and Islam, the same way today's American civil rights activists use race against white people for their own advancing agendas.  Watch all the videos on this web site and when you're finished ask yourself if you want to become that Jihadist terrorist in the name of God, and Islam as you may be going to hell for all the wrong reasons that you never thought about before you met me.  My name is John Cerkez, and I approve this message.  

By the way I'm Catholic.  How can multiple cultures, and religions of multiple lands, among numerous ethnicities, and races have the same history of war Including Ireland?  Today the Serbian people of Serbia who are demonstrating against their so called progressives are really their communists, just like in the USA today, and the Serbs are Greek Orthodox Christians. 

No person's religion can determine their Nationality, their ethnicity, their race, or what tribe any person comes from.  

What do they all have in common?  SOCIALISM is what they all have in common, and no matter what they call themselves, they will always be communists or fascists as proud advocates for socialism as they rob their people blind, because the elites can do what ever they want as they're better than you.

World threat assessment 

Stop Hating Jews

Socialists take over Iran 40 years ago 

Catalonia declares independence from Socialist free loading Spain

Socialism creates civil wars fueled with identity Politics, and it also started the Arab Spring fueled by identity politics as Egypt's President Morsi proved time, and time again.  Now you know who Hi Jacked Islam, the same people that Hi Jacked the Democratic Party in the USA.  


The China Threat to the world

South Africa as a Socialist State

Socialist South African leaders sell out their people, because of Socialism, just like Venezuela

For Africa:  You saw what Apartheid was, too bad Nelson Mandela wasn't educated enough to take South Africa up in the world.  Apartheid was a socialist state.  Socialism creates hatred.  Former Yugoslavia where my family is from was a socialist welfare state of the USA, and the USSR for the vote at Nato, and the UN, until the USSR failed.  That's when the Croatians filed for their independence, only to be a socialist state again as a welfare state of the European Union, and you see what's going on in France.  Socialism is the cause of every nation's civil war, and it was the cause of WW1, and WW11, EXCEPT in America where the only civil war we had was to FREE the Black people as a Capitalist nation as no other country ever has in the world's History.  Watch the video above, and compare what's going on in socialist France to America's Revolutionary war for it's independence creating Capitalism along the way for everyone's prosperity.   The reason poor blacks in America think  whites are racist against them is no different than the hate of white so called Antifa people against the greedy rich white people, because they're poor.  Their hate is from a lack of education as they're not getting jobs that can pay their bills today.  Mostly because of the frivolous classes they took in college that couldn't get them a good paying job.  It's always someone else's fault, as they become socialist to have the Government pay their way in life.  As their college education depends on financial aid as the universities act as a welfare state taking in money from the Govt. as in subsidies not to help the students, but to help themselves as they raise the schools tuition making it unaffordable.  This is why socialism is no good.  Also corporate welfare is no good as well, because it's also socialism.  So to Africa, who do you want to do business with?  Corrupt socialist Russia, and China, or the USA capitalists who never had a civil war due to income inequality?  In America anyone can start a business unlike in any socialist nation, and this is why America doesn't have generational civil wars, because there's hope for everyone to make it financially.  Now you know who Hi Jacked Islam, their socialists as they call themselves Sunny or Shiites as a political party, and anyone against their politics becomes anti Islamic by default.  Since God created the universe and the world, what does Islam or God have to do with man made politics when God is perfect?

No Free Speech in Socialist Serbia...

In America the biased left media shuts down the other side of the political aisle with fake news, and hate fueled biased reporting, and they do it voluntarily, as in Serbia the news is Government owned.  America's main stream media should be ashamed of themselves.


Crooked China 

China TORTURES Muslims to Convert

China has tortured 1,000,000 Muslims so far.  Recently some people in the Muslim World made some claims that the United States of America is an enemy of Islam, and Muslims.  My name is John Cerkez, and I am here to tell any Musim that this is a LIE.  America is NOT a enemy of Islam or Muslims GUARANTEED!!!!!

China Threat Parts 1 & 2

Chinese Economics don't work for America

Racists in South Africa Part 1

Racists in South Africa Part 2

Putin Interview

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