Benefits for Illegal immigrants

Terror to Illegal Aliens, the Illegal doesn't care about American Laws

Destroying America

2nd Class Americans-vs-1st Class illegal immigrants...

Voter ID Part 1

Voter ID Part 2

We Americans Decided, that's why Trump is in...

All your days of illegal immigration are going to be gone forever very soon, if not you get voted out of office.

Protect your right to vote as a American citizen, contact your Congressional Representatives, and Senators telling them what you want concerning illegal immigration.  Do not let them get over on the FUTURE of you, and your FAMILY!

She is 100% right!  NO DACA OR illegal immigrants will have the right to vote.  There are all types of people with all types of anti American ideologies, and they can not be allowed to threaten our Capitalist voting processes that concern our economy!  As they're all Socialists!

Stupid DACA immigrants keep Trusting the Democrats...

Good Luck with that on getting your American citizenship.  Maybe you should learn to speak English to get a full understanding as to what's really going on in American Politics for DACA.  Otherwise FUCK YOU!

Affirmative action for the Vote...

You Decide America....

DACA & you...

The REAL numbers they don't want you to know....

You Decide America Part 1

You Decide America Part 2

Kill the TERRORISTS, & Build the WALL...

Drain the FREE MONEY SWAMP America....

B1/B2 Visas

Murderers, Child Molesters, and Rapists...

The Terrorists and Immigration

Voter FRAUD.....

What you don't know 

Beginnings of a 3rd World Nation!

The REAL threat......

Ohio State Terrorists Rampage

Mexican gang banger kills a Promising Student

Check out the "Dallas Ambush"

Kate's Law

ET go Home......

If you want to see the racist shit that came my way, 

go to the "Racists in America" page, scroll down, and 

watch the video titled "Explaining flipping the script concept". 

then scroll back up and listen to the audio titled "2 Continental/United Airline mechanics talking shop" just 

above "The Class Action Law suit" Fill in form, just above the video "Explaining flipping the script concept".

Syrian Refugees

America's Garbage

Trump Rally Eyewitness to assaults

FYI for OWS & College kids.....

Are you going to do what's right or are you going to continue being selfish?

Kate's Law

Trump on Immigration

How about we teach Americans to Start

their own Businesses first 

Brussels 9/11 & Immigration

Trump on Immigration

Kate"s Law

Illegal Immigration

Deporting Illegal Immigrants

Jorge Ramos a anti White Mexican Racist from Univision, teaching uninformed Latinos to be the same, by getting them to hang off the racist coat tails of Black Americans.  

ILLEGAL Immigration July 6, 2015

Is Trump a Racist ? 

Illegal Immigrants kill again

Immigrants not happy with white people

Here's my white privilege, it's called FREE Speech. How about you'all go Fuck yourselves.

Another unhappy Immigrant

Maybe she should go back to her family's homeland since she hates America?



Kid Rock's White Privilege 

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