Hypocrisy USA

Chief Justice John Roberts screws America!

They call it Liberalism/Progressive/Socialists/communists, and they all should be ashamed of what they've done to the American people.

Don't get fooled by slick Willy America 

I'll keep my mouth shut, you decide America

The Privileged continued witch hunt

Destroying America Part 1

Destroying America Part 2

Silencing Free Speech

What do you think?

Black on white reverse racism

You figure it out

Covington kids wrongfully branded racists

Israelites and Covington

Milanos KKK

MainStream MEDIA Bias and collusion...

America we know all politicians LIE!  Now it's time for us Americans to make them do what we want.  VOTE OUT all "NO WALL" Politicians, Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Progressives, and Socialists alike.  VOTE THEM OUT of office, IF they are for NO WALL at the border!

Ha, ha, ha, Stupid mamalukes...

The Left's war on Trump....

Not good for America

PC equals NO Free Speech.....

The REAL story of Identity Politics

The injustices

How about "God Bless America", ay Kaepernick?

Resistance is Futile

Facebook Silencing Americans...

This is communism in America by the Private Sector......

The Deep State Socialist communists

The Witch Hunt continues....

The Witch Hunt Part 2