War on TERROR !!!!!!!!

9/11/01 Fifteen years later

Every Muslim in any Country needs to see this movie, 

because this is exactly how and why you think the rest of the world

are Infidels against God, and Islam as your Politicians, Imams &

Mullahs Hi Jacked Islam taking you to Hell from the Jihadi Terror

you do against the innocent.

Go see this movie, just put in your zip code for a

Theater near you at, click it HillarysAmericaTheMovie.com

Who's going to Win this war?

FBI warning to Americans

July 8, 2015


War on Terror Part 1 May 29, 2010

War on Terror Part 2 May 29, 2010

War on Terror Part 3 May 29, 2010

Anyone that is a member of this web site and see's something and say's something will get the Reward Monies from the US Govt. if it leads to a conviction after stopping a terrorist attack. This is why everyone is anonymous, so that the terrorist who joins as well, won't know the identity of any member of this web site as we have a one way conversation talking any wanna be Jihadist terrorist out of the idea of doing the unthinkable the way they were talked into it by their recruiters, by proving that God and Islam have nothing to do with their politics, because then we've effectively turned off that terrorist switch as there is not one good Muslim who wants to go to hell.

War on Terror Part 4 The Internet May 29, 2010

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