Dallas Ambush

Go see this movie, just put in your zip code for a

Theater near you at, click it HillarysAmericaTheMovie.com

All Lives Matter, COPS Lives Matter...

Cops help everyone, and everyone helps as well 

When people see that you want to better yourself.  

This is why America is great, even today in hard economic times, 

because as a Capitalistic nation it's all about "One for all, and all 

for ONE !"  As when one fails, eventually we all fail, and so does America.  

That's the difference between Socialism and Capitalism, and this is why

Socialism fails every time, because Socialists are all about me, me, me... 

It seems that Black lives Matter was Hi Jacked by the Criminal element, 

The Niggers, the Spics, and the White Trailer Park trash, today's occupy

wall streeters.  No different than who Hi Jacked Islam using the so called

infidels as the excuse for their problems.  

Hate always comes from the same place, and it's Socialism that causes

the hate.  I'll be proving it on the "Global healing Starts now" page soon

.......Every group of people always has bad apples among them, and

America's Justice system is the only one in the world that actually

works it's justice fairly with proof and evidence for all.

Cops and others give a helping hand 

Race Relations Part 1

Race Relations Part 2

Race Relations Part 3

Race Relations Part 4

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