Communism at it’s Best

South Africa


Communists in the American Private sector

Fuck YOU! 

To the asshole shit heads silencing American FREE Speech!!!

Stopping Free Speech in America

Fake Freedoms, Socialist dictatorships fail every time...Just as Egypt changed Govt's 3 times since Anwar Sadat's assassination by Mubarek

Socialism takes another nation

This is what Socialism brings/Revenge.

Venezuela's Socialism brings war....

Wealth Redistribution is Socialism,

so how do you like it now?

America Falling apart due to Socialism

Venezuela falling apart due to Socialism

Communist/Fascist/Socialism vs Capitalism Part 1

Paying Schools to Brain wash your kids...

Democrats enslave people through poverty for the Vote in order to govern, others use religion as the excuse to govern. This proves that Fascism and communism are one in the same as socialists, and this describes the USSR, China, and Nazi Germany, and they were all socialists just Like Bernie and Hillary.

Fidel Castro Dies

Young Americans For Freedom

Prayers being Canceled in the USA

This is what Communists do America.....

Communist Universities in the USA

Political Correctness is

communism in the USA 

Communist China in the USA

In Communist China you are limited the Number of offspring

any couple can have due to over population and not enough jobs,

and today in America you can't reproduce, because the illegal immigrant

has your offspring's job.  Think about it.

Wrongly labeling people as Racists 

or Bigots is Communism/Fascism in America... 

This is what Socialism does.....

Definition of hate Socialism

NYU commies to Cali's Fascists

Communists = Fascists, and they

are both Socialists, Plain English

they're the same shit!  Actions speak 

Louder than Words.  Socialism Breeds Hate....

Terror BREEDS Racism

Cuba's communists/Fascists

The fascists are the Rebels or demonstrators.  

The Left's Communist Fascist side

The Road to Socialism Part 1

The Road to Socialism Part 2

The Road to Socialism Part 3

The Road to Socialism Part 4

Communists & Fascists on Campus

No different than how the Socialists and Communists shut down their perceived enemies of former

Yugoslavia and even in Today's Croatia (Little Yugosville).

Left Communist Media in the USA

In former Yugoslavia if your message or ideas were not within Govt. communist party lines you got demoted, and maybe lost your job, and if you didn't learn your lesson you got Jailed, & tortured, and eventually died in the Jail system.  Today in Croatia after they fought for their independence, they slandered their version of Occupy Wall Street by labeling them as Nazis rising by reporting the Ustasa are rising for the world to hear.   FYI the Ustasa are Not Nazis.  Is this how Black Lives Matter wants to live in the USA by spewing hate propaganda against all cops by lying that the Cops are out Hunting down Blacks?  The Serbs and the Croats did the same to one another, and Yugoslavia no longer exists, and the Croats created a mini Yugoslavia as they're still communists and Fascists.  In America they slander you till you quite doing what, because you lost your livelihood, and your job.  That's the beginning of Communism in America.  Just ask a Cuban if you don't believe me.

Victimhood Part 1

Victimhood Part 2

Victimhood Part 3

Censoring by Blacklisting

Censoring America Part 1

Censoring America Part 2

Censoring America Part 3

Censoring America Part 4

How Democrats could have destroyed America

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