Black Society

Bringing change to American Politics

Be your own man or woman and make your own decisions based on facts not Bullshit Lies.

Justice Thomas's insights

GOP Recruiting American Deplorables....

For how long do you want to remain poor in your America?

Proud American kid

Hollywood dividing America with Identity Politics

Be your own person, and not the schmuck someone else would like you to be.

The obsession with Racism

Muslims have the same problem as in Shiites vs Sunny

Senator Tim Scott Stands up to Black Bigotry...

When will Muslims do the same?

Yale University and The Black Panthers

Black vs Black Part 1

Mr.Kmele Foster, you say the minority people have a hatred towards the Republicans, and you wonder why the Republicans have not reached out to the minority communities in the past.

Maybe you don't realize it, but when people like you brand people as being racists against the likes of you in one form or another, then they tend not to want you around them.  You say that Republicans run on one thing and deliver something else, and what exactly is an example of what you describe?  Mr. Kamele Foster, you say that Republicans need to Prove that the FREE Market system works, FYI, President Ronald Reagan and plenty more before him and after all ready did sir.

Pastor Dimmas Salaberrios, you say that Donald Trump should show up at shootings to prove he cares.

How about you show up to any of the shootings in Chicago where blacks are killed everyday since you found God in Jail, and show that you really care for those that you say you represent.

You say Donald Trump needs to read your book Street God so he can understand people that are the likes of you.  First you choose to be an asshole and diverted your life from moving in a positive direction, and no one needs to understand your own stupidity or anyone else's.  You say that Donald Trump should go to Black communities for his town halls as all he has is whites at his town halls.  Now I traveled 20 miles to Long Island to see Trump in Bethpage NY, and Blacks and any other minority travel to picnics, beaches, malls, and anyplace else.  They can travel to participate in any town Hall that he has, as everyone is welcome just as I traveled 20 miles, and so many others traveled from even further distances.  Get a life you dick.  Just because you, and idiots like you decided to be criminals, and live in a Ghetto, it doesn't mean everyone needs to come to your ghetto to talk to idiots like you.  You and people like you segregated yourselves from society with your own stupidity, and people want nothing to do with your life style.  There is nothing to understand about the path you and others like you choose in life, and now you'rea man of God ay?  Don't worry, God knows whose man you are buddy.

Black vs Black Part 2 

Dear Friends, do you want to continue living in a

segregated America that's been divided by your

own minority today, just as any Jihadist terrorist

is segregating the Muslims from the citizens of the

world, or would you rather live in a America where

everyone is a Proud American making America Great,

and everyone is a equal to one another, as we all Make

America Great again together up lifting all our

communities together prospering as others did in the

Past.  The choice is yours, go watch "Hillary's America"

as listed above, and then decide.  How's that for an Idea?

United we Stand, divided we fall!

Why America's Blacks are POOR?

Sheriff Clarke on Black Lives Matter

Michael Jordan Speaks OUT !!!

Black Lives Matter Part 1

Black Lives Matter Part 2

Black Lives Matter Part 3

Black Lives Matter Part 4

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