Black Lives Matter

Slavery is a Choice, as it's also Minimum wage, get paid for your skills, just start right here 

Make America GREAT Again!

It's not your UNCLE Tom, as it's Capitalism vs Socialism 

Black History Month

American Patriots

Just Another Stupid person....

Keep peddling your RAP Crack of hate turning

your youngsters to the Glorified career of becoming

a Criminal, no different than how ISIS recruits

naive people to become the world's terrorists with

the same hate motivators.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

BLM goes Jihadi

My Message Part 1

My Message Part 2

All Innocent Victim's Live's Matter

The Police protect us all from the Terrorists and the Criminals, who does 

Black Lives Matter protect?

"The Innocent"

Black Lives Matter Lies

Black Lives Matter & Crime

Black Lives Matter & The Economy

Be a Entrepreneur, and Not a Criminal

Black Lives Matter Part 1

Black Lives Matter Part 2

Black Lives Matter Part 3

Black Lives Matter Part 4

Analysis coming soon!

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