Tell The Truth America!

This is Where Americans Tell The World The TRUTH about America and her People this way No one will be able to feed LIES to those that do not know anything about us, brain washing them against us for No REASONS at all. 9/11 Will Never Happen again my Friends, and we all need to […]

The Talk Show

The Talk Show is all about you becoming a talk show Host for a day with Your Own Friends or subjects who get involved to be watched world wide via the internet. Anyone can be Larry king for an hour or half an hour on any subject matter. For Example “How would you implement Policies” […]

Posts are needed

My fellow Americans everyone of us can say anything that is negative to our enemy’s, but why do that when we can use this opportunity to bring Peace through, as the concept of what we are doing here will be Franchised to Americans who are from different nations bringing real change to their homelands […]