American Politics

How fast you become homeless depends on who you vote for?  Vote Republican Conservative to succeed in LIFE!

The manifesto on how every American got enslaved, and the Story you heard about the Statue of Liberty as to why the French gave Lady Liberty to America is false according to real history, and the democrats were behind enslaving every American to the immigrant then, and now as they throw the black people to the back of the bus once again after being unshackled, except this time it was every American goes to the back of the bus as the illegal immigrants makes us second class citizens to them.  

To all Muslims, do you see distinct similarities as to how American politics is being played out today, to how your people in your homelands do their politics Sunni vs Shiite, as how Americans do their politics Democrat vs Republican?

After 9/11/01 the good Muslim people came out in force, and said that Islam was Hi Jacked, and they were NOT the enemy.  So who Hi Jacked Islam?  The same Socialist communists/Fascists that Hi Jacked the Democratic, and Republican Parties.  To all Muslim Jihadi terrorists who want to kill the so called infidels in the name of God, and Islam, do you still believe that you're going to heaven?  Maybe you're going to hell instead!

Trump's accomplishments for Peace

Panama City Beach, Florida Rally

Best Trump Interview EVER!

Greenbay, WI, Rally

Who Hi Jacked Islam? The same people that Hi Jacked the democratic, and Republican party.

Who's working for YOU America?  You decide.

Donald Trump Jr. talks with Howie

Lara Trump Interview 

Jared Kushner explains everything

Grand Rapids, MI. Rally

The commie DNC owns the commie media

The Deep State communists set up Trump

No Collusion 

Ivanka Trump on Jobs in the USA

You decide America, make your vote count for your future!

America will Never Be a Socialist Country...

Potus Interview

El Paso, Texas Rally

State of the Union Address

The Deep State Henchmen.....

Oval office to the Nation...

Trump's ready to deal, Democrats are NOT!

Build the wall or you get voted out

Borders for America

You are America FIRST!

VOTE THEM OUT of office, IF they are for NO WALL at the border!

2 Tier Justice system, or is it?

Thanksgiving Interview


Democrats Corruption

Right & Wrong Upside Upside DOWN! 

Billings, Montana Rally

NO Collusion Witch HUNT...

Trump Interview at the White House

West Virginia Rally

Let's Build that WALL America!  Make your VOTE COUNT

Trump Backs Ted Cruz in Texas

Town Hall

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