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Hillsdale College

Dear friend,
How many of today’s college students are being taught to cherish and defend liberty? I’m sure you can remember learning about freedom primarily through the study of history. We learned from history that freedom is rare, that once obtained it is easily lost, that preserving it requires vigilance and sacrifice.
Today, unfortunately, college courses on American history are becoming an endangered species—and where they do exist, they increasingly portray American history as a history of prejudice and oppression from which nothing good can be learned.
If you listen to typical college students talk today—not here at Hillsdale, of course, but elsewhere—you learn the danger of failing to teach young people the history of our American heritage of liberty.
That’s why every student at Hillsdale is required to complete an “American Heritage” course in order to graduate. It’s also why “American Heritage” was one of the first online courses Hillsdale produced and why we continue to offer it free to all who desire to learn.
We are thrilled that over 170,000 fellow citizens have taken the course, but we have also heard from many of our friends that they would prefer to receive it in DVD format. So I wanted to let you know we’re now offering “American Heritage” as a DVD set for your home library or to give as a gift. The DVD set provides ten lessons that cover the history of America from the colonial era to the present, including major challenges to the Founders’ principles.
I’ve included a secure link below where you can get this special edition of “American Heritage–From Colonial Settlement to the Current Day” on DVD. We’ve produced a limited number of sets, so don’t delay!
Warm regards,
Larry P. Arnn
President, Hillsdale College

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