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Creating false Islamophobia...

CNN Special; "ISIS Behind the MASK"

Teaching American KIDS Islam in Public Schools

From Turkey to Australia

Allah and Islam, nor any other religion can NOT be a 

part of running any Government in any nation. because every religion is socialist, and we know
socialism fails the economies of any nation creating the hatred you will be witnessing in
the videos below, and you'll realize who Hi Jacked Islam.

Screw the Ayatollah by changing a Jihadist terrorist's mind...
Because the jihadist terrorist was brain washed to believe that we're infidels as non Muslims and
they're doing God's work by killing us, because this is what their political leaders have led
them to believe using religion as their excuse for anything they do justifying their acts.


They're all the same, and that's why it's called income redistribution!!!!

The only way to fight this kind of thinking is to prove them wrong, and when we prove them
wrong and they start thinking if God actually has nothing to do with it, because of all our own
hate filled correlations. When we prove this, then we would have effectively turned of the Jihadist
terrorist switch, because no devout Muslim wants to go to hell if they're wrong in their thinking.
Do you see the racism in America today? It's because of our socialist economy that we have today.....


Dr. James David Manning

Today Socialism creates the income inequality that creates the class warfare that creates
the racism in America, it created the ethnic hatred of former Yugoslavia which led to the ethnic
cleansing in their civil war for Croatia's Independence, and it created the Religious hatred in the
Middle East leading to their civil wars and a Cali Faith for a Islamic state has nothing to do with
it as they think it does, because Islam was Hi Jacked by their version of their communists and
fascists.  Now you know why when the economy sucks in the USA the Republicans call the Democrats 
communists and the Democrats call the Republicans Nazis.
Watch the Video titled

"The Croats and the Serbs - a history of an aversion"
Some crazy stuff, and it's still going on because of the economics
and everyone's economic allies for their survival.
Everytime they went to war it was a new world order, just like today's 
yearly G7 summits when they have them, except with no wars, as these 
so called Cali faith's are nothing more than their new world order with 
war in sectarian infighting just like the Croats.
Do you see the same consistencies in everyone's circumstances within any nation?
Do you realize that you can never change the mind of any individual 
wanna be Jihadist without creating the Doubt in their minds as to who 
Hi Jacked Islam as God and Islam have Nothing to do with their politics.
As per the Croats and the Serbs as far as either one of them creating a 
Greater Croatia or Serbia is no different than the Muslim sects in civil war, 
but they think God has something to do with it.
And to make sure of that I know of Croat politicians today who don't attend 
church for that very reason I believe even today.
Watch this video with the Croats and the Serbs, as it's the 
same shit as what the Muslims do to one another. You can't change their 
minds without me and this IDEA.
You better start understanding this. It's no different than the racism in America 
for the same reasons, the economy sucks and it's the other racists sides fault 
their benefits are getting cut, and as far as the so called racists are concerned 
the country has too many free loaders and not enough tax paying citizens keeping 
the economy in a positive cash flow economy and not a negative cash flow economy 
creating debt on top of debt that isn't getting paid for as it keeps quadrupling.

Freedom Fighting

After Watching this video any Muslim Should realize that Islam was Hi Jacked 

by their version of their Communists and Fascists, and now it's time for all the 

Muslim people to do Jihad against those who are Slandering Islam in God's name

using Islam and God's name in vain.  Are you ready to Fight those who Hi Jacked

Islam, the way you are ready to kill the so called Infidels, that you were brain

washed to believe who are the non Muslims who are at war with Muslims and Islam

of which is a complete lie?

Because this may be the only way you have to Redeem

yourselves in Front of God for all the transgressions 

you committed by killing the innocent until now.  

Venezuela's Socialist Disaster by Chavez

Gloria Alvarez is right after all......

Do you still want Hillary or Bernie as President, because look at what progressive 

Socialism did to Brazil, Venezuela, as well as Yugoslavia, Egypt, and Tunisia where 

the Arab Spring began? 

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