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"What happened to America FIRST to all Democrat, & Republican Politicians, Trump NOT included as he's not a politician.  We'll Vote President Trump back in office, and then another, and another Trump thereafter for every Presidential Election, as we keep voting out asshole politicians who do not want to do the will of the people, as we get individuals who will with the Right President such as President Trump.  It's time to take a Stand like you never did before America, to take back America, or forever hold your peace America".

The Intelligence heist

Everyone's at RISK!

Keep on winning America....

Vote Trump 2020

Deep State SPYING


Commemorating D-Day

President Trump D-Day Interview

The Unfreedom of the Press

To any Muslim Islamists who think they're fighting for God and Islam, how much of this news story represents a liking to how your people do things?  So what does God and Islam, or any other religion have to do with it?  Buy the Book "Unfreedom of the Press" by Mark Levin and read it.  Why do I say this? Because this book also represents the Actions of the Croatians when Yugoslavia existed, and I'll bet it represents the actions of all oppressed peoples of which socialism brings the oppression to their peoples.  Islam has nothing to do with it, but you use the religion just as American Blacks use skin color, as in racism against them to get what they want/need.

The Democrats Ideological Religion

What's the difference between what Jihadi Islamists believe?

Do you still think as a Jihadi Islamist Terrorist that you're going to heaven?  Maybe you're going to hell instead.


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Democrats hate & Hysteria

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