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Turkey a ROUGE Terror State

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please scroll down to the top of the "Class Action Lawsuit" Fill in form, and listen to the audio recording titled "2 Continental/United Airline mechanics talking shop", and then please scroll down to the Bottom of the "Class Action Lawsuit" Fill in form, watch the video as to the racism that followed me here from Former Yugoslavia by a Croatian Communist titled "Explaining Flipping the script Concept", and I ask that everyone Boycott Flying "United Airlines" until they pay me for my wrongful racist firing plus damages.


This web site requires one million people to Join as paying Members, so if you are interested in becoming a member, so that you can win Cash Prizes by talking any wanna be Jihadist Terrorist out of the idea of doing it, then please leave your first name or anonymous first name and your email address on the "Millionaires wish List" below, and when we have ONE Million people on this list, I will send everyone an email that it's time to Join as a Paying member as there are enough people to make this work.  This list is here so as NOT to waste anyone's money by Joining when there are Not enough people to make this web site operate as it was designed to operate selling Free Speech.   FREE Speech is NOT FREE if you want to be heard, and the Likes of ISIS are going to here the Truth as to who Hi Jacked Islam, as ISLAM and God have nothing to do with their politicking.

Nice, France Terror Attack.....

Terror in America

Istanbul's Terror Attack

JIHAD in America!

Jihadi Terrorists are NOT Muslim

The World can destroy ISIS, Al Quada, and the Taliban,

but that won't stop the Wanna be Jihadist from killing 

their so called infidels without changing their minds first. 

This idea will be changing their minds, unless you enjoy

being a sitting duck.

Do you know that when a Islamic Mosk is built 

3 of it's walls are straight and level, but the 4th

wall is not, as it's crooked.  Do you know why? 

Because God is perfect and Man is not!   So why would any Muslim 

Listen to any man who tells them to become a Jihadist terrorist in the

name of God unless they want to take a chance on going to HELL for

killing the innocent including themselves? 

Who are the Recruited Jihadists 033016 ?

Brussel's 9/11 and a Muslim kid gets Labeled a Terrorist

America I was this kid all my life and didn't know it, now go to the "Racists in America" page, 

scroll down and watch the Video titled "Explaining Flipping the Script Concept".  Where would we 

be if I blamed America?

President Obama Takes on ISIS

Changing the Ideology of ISIS

by telling the Truth

Isis and Thomas Jefferson

The Mafia takes on ISIS

250 known Americans went to fight for ISIS, 

Only 28 were stopped before they left the USA, as approximately 38,000 Joined ISIS from all around the world, So how many Americans Joined that we don't know about?

Terrorists acquire Nukes

French Terror Train


I'm teaching everyone how we're going to flip the script on the wanna be Jihadist
terrorists talking them out of it and you are going to...........

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70% of the Proceeds goes to help our Troops Charities and Hurricane Katrina and Sandy Victims among other charities every Month until everyone's taken care of.

This my Gift to America! Created By John Cerkez.


President Obama on Ferguson, MO.

and Iraq

The Five on Ferguson & Iraq Fox News

Now watch the video just below this one.

It's Yugo TV USA Folks


Who are America's Racists, You Decide?

America's Race Problem !

No Different than Islam's Problem,

Rev. Al Sharpton Reponds to Everyone !


Civil Rights & Racism in America !

To Americans and Muslims alike!
What would you like to say to the Terrorists America?

I'll make sure they hear US! Join Now or, forever hold your PEACE America!

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If Islam is Peaceful, Then who's lying?

Congressional Hearing on The Radicalization of Muslims in America,

Introduction By Congressman Peter King

Congressional Hearing on The Radicalization of Muslims in America,

Witness Statements

The People of the World used to say a Good Nazi is a Dead Nazi, today I hear people say a

Good Muslim is a Dead Muslim. What will the Islamic community do to change this state

of Mind about Muslims around the world?

This web site has Sister web sites proving my point to any Muslim including Croatians,

using correlations of my family's FREEDOM Fighting to that of any wanna Be Jihadist

Terrorist, essentially stopping their terror tactics in it's tracks, by proving that God had

nothing to do with it as it's their communists who Hi Jacked Islam through my family's correlations

as in Croatia my family's racism was due to Ethnicity, Religion and Politics and the Politics and Religion

sided with the Serbs and the Greek Orthodox Church.  In America, with the IRS scandal it seems to

be the same as communist Yugoslavia as in how they did their communist politics.  Not a good sign


Never Forget 9/11's Ground Zero

Let's Change the World:


Hello there, would it be GREAT if we all lived in perfect world, No wars

and all profit?

Unfortunately we do have the have not’s amongst us and they use any excuse imaginable including religion To create a following justifying their cause of action against anyone as long it’s politically viable to do so in their benefit.

WorldPEACE4You.com was created because of the racism my family and I experienced, because We are proud Croatians no different than the racism Proud American Blacks Experienced or The Racism Muslims from all nationality’s are experiencing today only because of 9/11 and what other Muslims did on that day, and on Days following such as blowing up the London rail way station and subsequent other attempts To kill the innocent who have nothing to do with their plight for FREEDOM.  If you want to fight go back to your homeland and do it there.

What brings reconciliation is respect towards one another and stopping the slander of one another not engaging in Bigotry or racism, and this is why it’s important more than ever that our Muslim friends who are fighting for their independence in the Middle East need to distinguish a separation between church and state if they want their country to move forward in a positive way bringing prosperity to all its respective people’s in all Muslim lands.  Which does NOT Stop ANYONE from practicing their faith and being treated as a equal

to one another with NO Special treatments to anyone one group of people or peoples as the Liberals are doing in America against

White people and against Christianity.

I just pray that the Muslim people understand what I explained today and that the rest of the world considers what I explained as well helping our Muslim friends distinguish themselves from their Terrorists and prevent others from becoming Muslims just to become Jihadist terrorists while slandering Islam itself bringing other people’s wrath to innocent Muslims because of it.

My belief as to the best way to bring reconciliation and stopping any individual from becoming a terrorist using any religion as an excuse is to do a Public advertising Campaign getting everyone’s message heard by the world, where only the best message with the most votes WINS Cash Prizes every week, and your message will be used to advertise WorldPeace4You.com in Newspapers around the globe getting your message out in front of the world in evils face.

We are doing the opposite of what Arab Terrorist recruiters have been doing using the the internet to recruit terrorists, as we'll be doing Public advertising stopping their influence on innocent naive Muslims as to what Islam is and who the Muslim people really are?

We will not allow Arab Communist terrorists to continue labeling Islam as a cult or Muslims as terrorists,  as we bring understanding of one another's plights for that same FREEDOM they think they're fighting for so far.

Join Today and Win Cash Prizes every Week letting the World hear what you have to say.

God Bless America!

And God Bless you for getting involved !

Hey New York CITY, Vats a mata FU YOU ?

Central Park NYC, August 2009, 2 weeks after Qadafy Pitched a Tent in Donald Trumps Backs yard !

“What is it going to take….?”

Let's Change the World:




Every Member is advised when they Join to try and change the WORLD, make sure that you remain anonymous by not using any Login name that is in any way affiliated with you when using this web site, and NEVER attempt

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You are also advised to create anonymous Facebook Pages and Twitter pages associated with you that is Separate from any accounts that you may already have with them in order to use this web site in a safe manner to remain anonymous as the danger reasons are obvious in order to stay safe.

You are also advised to create Yahoo, or Aol, or Gmail email accounts for your New Facebook and Twitter accounts other than the email account that you may already have and use personally. Again This advise is for everyone Safety if you want to remain anonymous.  It's real simple, only talk to the people from this web site

by using this web site.  You will be communicating your message to anyone and everyone throughout the World

using the Newspapers putting our thoughts and view points out there for everyone to read all about it. . .

 FREE Speech is NOT FREE, 

If you want to be heard by everyone.  They just might reply.  

Bring it on Baby!


“My Families experiences with communists and Terror”

Striking Similarities between what the Croatian People Experienced since WW II and what the Muslims of Islam are going through TODAY, But “What’s going on in the world with Muslim’s ?” People across the Globe are having a difficult time distinguishing the differences between The good Muslims and the bad ones who are Islam’s Self Proclaimed Freedom Fighters, Islam’s Jihadist Muhajedeem Freedom Fighters no different than Croatia’s Freedom Fighters. The only Difference is that the Croatians Stopped their Terrorists and the Muslims have not.

Maybe they can learn a thing or two……

The consequences of a bad image are long lasting after the fact and that’s why Everyone needs to get involved, or accept the ramifications of their own inaction Towards doing exactly what needs to get done in order to stop the madness.

"SHOULD ANYONE FEAR ISLAM" ? You Decide ........... https://downloads.cbn.com/cbnnewsplayer/cbnplayer.swf?aid=17933

President Obama Is RIGHT ? Or, should Muslims really be Treated equally around the World as President Obama suggests ? Actually I Do agree with President Obama that Muslims SHOULD BE TREATED equally around the WORLD. The question is equal to what ? Equal to that of their Islamic terrorist Jihadists, or equal to that of any person through out the world who is against Terrorism? These are the questions that the people of the world pose to the Muslim Community only because they have done NOTHING to distinguish themselves as a people separate from those who HI Jacked Islam in order to slander it themselves as The Good Muslim People Stand By Idly watching it happen, just as the Europeans watched Adolpf Hitler come into power without doing anything to STOP HIM in time to prevent the Holocaust. Today The Muslim People and the Islamic Faith have a very sad future ahead of them no different than the German and Croatian People did because of Hitler himself. Because of my people's past it haunted me 46 years after WWII and it cost me my livelihood in making a living. When A Muslim Reverts To JIHAD I ask any Muslim, if you were set up at your job by your supervisor because he hated what you believed in and what you stood for and this set up got you fired and blackballed from an industry that you studied for "WHAT WOULD YOU DO ?" “Why Terror is a Fact Of LIFE Today “

  • Muslims need your help People
  • Scared Flyers Fail in their attempts to Derail TSA Security
  • Muslims Fail to Curb World wide Jihadist Threat
  • Man Hunt For German born Terrorist Jihadists continue
  • Kill Those who Slander Islam does Not apply to Muslims ?
  • Do you know how the X Factor can STOP the Jihadists ?

Would you REVERT TO JIHAD ? I personally STRONGLY believe that if any Muslim got themselves fired and blackballed from their livelihood JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE A MUSLIM, they would revert to Jihad from my knowledge of The Muslim people myself through my friendships with them. So I ask The Muslim People this question, WILL YOU JOIN www.WorldPeace4You.com as it will help the Muslim People distinguish themselves from all our terrorists anonymously without the fear of reprisals from anyone. Do Muslims Realize that they have a DECISION to MAKE ? Now you as a Muslim do NOT NEED to fear retaliation from your EXTREMISTS, because you really do not have a choice unless you want your FUTURE generations of Muslims to experience what I experienced only because I'm a Croatian even though I was Born in THE GOOD OLD USA in Brooklyn, NY. Communism Vs FREEDOM is NO CONTEST If you want to learn what my family and I experienced as a People who had an Independent Croatia on our Minds living here in the UNITED STATES OF America it is No Different than anyone from any other culture wishing for their people to be FREE and I know what I'm talking about because this is what AMERICA Represents isn't it. “Why Terror is a Fact Of LIFE Today “

  • Muslims need your help People
  • Scared Flyers Fail in their attempts to Derail TSA Security
  • Muslims Fail to Curb World wide Jihadist Threat
  • Man Hunt For German born Terrorist Jihadists continue
  • Kill Those who Slander Islam does Not apply to Muslims ?
  • Do you know how the X Factor can STOP the Jihadists ?

Although I'm Born in NYC I do realize that I'm basically an American Born Croatian Refugee just as are a lot of Immigrants in America depending on their circumstances of course, and in my case it's No different than what Muslim Americans may be experiencing today only because of their EXTREMISTS and Their Jihadist Terrorists. It Should Be Realized That People become EXTREMISTS for a reason and when it concerns the Muslim People it's NO Different than what happened during the existence of Communist Yugoslavia which boiled over finally when President Tito Croaked and communism hit a new pitch and Finally the Croatian People Stood Up in 1991 Declaring their Independence of Communist Yugoslavia. The Croatian people did this 28 years after my Father Stanko Cerkez Passed Propaganda Leaflets against Yugoslavia trying to get the Croatian People to Start a Revolution back in 1963. FREEDOM FIGHTERS do what NEEDS TO BE DONE AT EXPENSE TO THEMSELVES AND no one else, BECAUSE freedom fighters are not terrorists. When A freedom fighter becomes a terrorist INVOLVING INNOCENT PEOPLE IT'S BECAUSE OF THE DECISION THEY MADE TO TAKE THAT PATH. NO DIFFERENT THAN THE DECISIONS MY FATHER MADE THAT got HIM Jailed and Tortured For his vision of a FREE CROATIA fighting for Croatia's Freedom because he saw the Croatian people being attacked by communists. This is the same as why today Muslims become Jihadists because they believe Islam is being attacked due to the Rhetoric of their Extremist Clerics spewing their lies just like President Slobodan Milosevic and His henchmen did in the Balkans giving themselves an excuse in the eyes of the world to do the atrocities that they committed at everyone's expense, But it SHOULD BE KNOWN THAT NOT ALL FREEDOM FIGHTERS BECOME TERRORISTS ! “Why Terror is a Fact Of LIFE Today “

  • Muslims need your help People
  • Scared Flyers Fail in their attempts to Derail TSA Security
  • Muslims Fail to Curb World wide Jihadist Threat
  • Man Hunt For German born Terrorist Jihadists continue
  • Kill Those who Slander Islam does Not apply to Muslims ?
  • Do you know how the X Factor can STOP the Jihadists ?

NOT all Extremists are bad people, as some people are considered to be extremists from their reactions to events in their lives, and they confirm these extremist views when others become terrorists doing something stupid on their behalf breaking the law becoming terrorists against innocent people. The People of Muslim Nations and any Nation for that matter who have a hatred of America only have that hatred due to the inadequacies of their own nations as in their nations spirit and reason for existing for their people, any people for that matter. Although as I mentioned earlier I am Born American and I'm Proud To BE AN AMERICAN, because I know if I was raised in any other nation I would NOT be The Person that I am TODAY. You Can Make it anywhere in the WORLD TODAY It seems people that come to America from any culture come here for their own selfish reasons as America is where you can Make it, just to let you in on a little SECRET. America isn't the only place that you can make it today with the invention of the internet, and The United States Of America Invented The Internet People, how about that. Also TODAY the Internet is Available to all people of the world to make a living without the dependence on anyone else but themselves becoming their own bosses. So if you have a Problem with America because you've been told that America is an Empire that is Standing in your way of Prosperity or what ever you've been told you should know that if you can't make it on the internet because you have no internet service that is adequate to do the job, you can thank your local Government for that. So if the United States Of America Created something anyone can........ make a living on such as the Internet "The Information Super Highway" How can anyone consider America an EMPIRE. The last Time I looked Empires were controllers of PEOPLE like a TYRANT as America is not, only due to our FREEDOM of speech and Birth right to FREEDOM and Liberty and I know the difference. Now as I was saying it seems People come to the USA for their own selfish reasons, but when they get here they're not satisfied with the journey before them when it comes to to becoming an American, and do you know why that is people? Especially from first new comers to the UNITED STATES? Because they are afraid of losing their Identity as to who they are as a People in the USA, "The melting pot of the world." Because we are the melting pot of the world it gives Islamic extremists an excuse to attack us non MUSLIMS and anyone else in any NON MUSLIM COUNTRY where the whole world is their target. I know immigrant Americans know what I'm talking about as in people's fear of losing their identity, and I know that The Muslim People also understand what I'm talking about and because of this I hope that the Muslim community will trust me enough to give me a chance to help them STOP their EXTREMISTS the same way the Croatian People Stopped their Freedom fighters/EXTREMISTS from becoming Terrorists by getting in THEIR FACE. “Why Terror is a Fact Of LIFE Today “

  • Muslims need your help People
  • Scared Flyers Fail in their attempts to Derail TSA Security
  • Muslims Fail to Curb World wide Jihadist Threat
  • Man Hunt For German born Terrorist Jihadists continue
  • Kill Those who Slander Islam does Not apply to Muslims ?
  • Do you know how the X Factor can STOP the Jihadists ?

As I said Earlier People become extremists for a reason, the only difference is that the EXTREMISTS need to realize who their friends are and who their ENEMIES ARE, as well as decide who they are? As America is NOT an ENEMY of ISLAM or any other religion AND America is NOT an Enemy of the Muslim People or any other people. We hear people using the TERMS Terrorists, Freedom Fighters, Extremists, and activists, but does anyone really know what and who each and everyone of those types of people are ? Please allow me to Explain it to you, as a Freedom Fighter is a person who self appointed themselves to be their people's protector against forces of foe fighting for their people's God given Birth right to FREEDOM to all. Extremists are individuals who insight anger between opposing sides to the point of bringing on violence through their Freedom Fighting followers due to the emotional turmoil they are feeling because they've been ill informed by their extremists due to their rhetoric, and to top it off the rhetoric makes sense to them due to their emotional state of being from being ill informed. Now Activists are individuals who know the boundary lines of extremism and they know the difference between right and wrong. As The Extremists and Freedom Fighters are beyond that point and they are one step away from committing terrorist acts on behalf of their cause as that's the next logical step isn't it, and it is the next logical step because they are left with NO OPTIONS to express themselves in order to be heard. Once an individual gets caught up in an emotional tide of turmoil within any group that's for any cause that they may be fighting for, it becomes a contest amongst those within the group as to who is the better person to come up with the most awesome attack against their enemy in order to become the number one person amongst them as well as respected and highly looked upon by their peers. Now put Religion into the mix and you have a time bomb that's ticking away towards the END OF THE WORLD PEOPLE, and this is why World{Peace4You.com exists, and this is why everyone is anonymous, and this is why everyone that has an internet connection needs to get involved in this endeavor of in order to help the Good people of Islam to Stand Up in the face of all our EVIL People alongside us in order to put a stop to the madness. We can all come up with all types of excuses not to get involved, but as you can see that's exactly what we've been doing since 9/11/01 putting on our blinders hoping for the best possible outcome. “Why Terror is a Fact Of LIFE Today “

  • Muslims need your help People
  • Scared Flyers Fail in their attempts to Derail TSA Security
  • Muslims Fail to Curb World wide Jihadist Threat
  • Man Hunt For German born Terrorist Jihadists continue
  • Kill Those who Slander Islam does Not apply to Muslims ?
  • Do you know how the X Factor can STOP the Jihadists ?

Hoping that we get lucky, but that's not good enough and you know it people. As today Islamic Jihadists suicide bombers has become a fashion Statement within the Muslim community mostly killing their own more than they kill non Muslims around the world. Hey You should know although the Rhetoric of your leaders may give you all the excuses you need for you to do the things you do in the eyes of the people of the world for your cause what ever it may be, but you can't put a blind fold over God's eyes as he is watching us all, and we will all answer to our deeds against one another. American National security YES The United States Of America is an ENEMY OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, but here's a heads up everyone as America is NOT THE POLICE MAN of THE WORLD. AMERICA IS NOT GOING TO FIGHT YOUR BATTLES UNLESS THERE IS A FINACIAL REWARD FOR IT's efforts and thats the BOTTOM line as that is what Capitalism is all about. Capitalism is about REWARDING those who invest their time, energy and Finacial resources in order to make a PROFIT and Religion has Nothing to do with making money as your religion is there to introduce you to GOD and make you the PERSON that you grow up to become and I'm sure God Doesn't want you to kill your self or anyone else, but everyone has the RIGHT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES. So if you want to FIGHT FOR YOUR PEOPLE's FREEDOM NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE You need to stop depending on America and depend on yourselves to CREATE FREEDOM for your people and FIGHT FOR YOURSELVES the same way The Croatian people have amongst others of Former Yugoslavia. If you want to do FREEDOM FIGHTING for YOUR PEOPLE do it with WorldPeace4YOU.com     Just to give the Muslim people and everyone else a heads up, the only reason America GOT involved in the Balkan WAR of Former Yugoslavia is because of the atrocities that occurred to the Muslim people and the Jihadists from other Muslim lands were coming into Bosnia to help their Muslim Brothers and sisters fight Milosevic and his hench men. No one cared about it enough to get involved when the Croatians got massacred in Croatia I'm sure only because of Croatia's History with regards to fighting for their own independence. If the Muslim people care they need change that same mindset that the world has against them today, because of their Jihadist terrorists then I Hope you as a Muslim Join WorldPeace4YOU.com in order to change the same future that the REST of the world has in store for you that I experienced and I can tell you it's no future and it won't matter what type of education you have if you can't be TRUSTED by anyone. HOW CAN ANY MUSLIM TELL ANOTHER MUSLIM THAT AMERICA IS AT WAR WITH ISLAM ? And what Stupid Muslim person would believe that America was at war with ISLAM even to attempt the 1993 BOMBING of the WORLD TRADE CENTER is Beyond ME, because America was Helping the Muslims throughout the Balkan war and then again the Muslim People did Nothing to STOP 9/11/01, but now they can get involved to STOP any Future Jihadists from becoming terrorists through www.WorldPeace4YOU.com Muslims and The World come together against Jihadist Terrorists I also hope that the people of the rest of the World as well as Americans Join as well in order to help the Muslim people accomplish this task of Standing Up To all our TERRORISTS, as we are all interested in bringing stability to the Muslim community, but that stability won't come if the Muslim people themselves are afraid to get involved and this is why www.WorldPeace4You.com exists as well, and this is why everyone is anonymous and your personal information will never be sold to anyone. Will Muslims Stand Up to their Extremists ? As Muslims also need to understand that NO AMERICAN appreciates any type of Mosk or Islamic Cultural Center being built anywhere near ground zero as that is not only insightful to Americans, it should be considered blasphemous to the Muslim community against those who proposed the Park 51 Project as Islam is being used to build a Victory Mosk at Ground zero through non other but the terrorist sympatheizers Who include Ms. daisy Kahn and her Husband Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf The Weissal as well as MPAC.org who are doing nothing more than being insightful to the American People and Not Bridge Builders of Peace since Islam is supposed to be a Religion all about peace. “Why Terror is a Fact Of LIFE Today “

  • Muslims need your help People
  • Scared Flyers Fail in their attempts to Derail TSA Security
  • Muslims Fail to Curb World wide Jihadist Threat
  • Man Hunt For German born Terrorist Jihadists continue
  • Kill Those who Slander Islam does Not apply to Muslims ?
  • Do you know how the X Factor can STOP the Jihadists ?

People such as these who condone such insightful proposals only have one agenda on their mind and that is to show up Americans to their extremists in their homelands as to being Racist against Muslims and that is the ONLY REASON THE PARK 51 PROJECT CAME TO BE AND EVERY MUSLIM KNOWS IT, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for letting it go this far. As all these people are interested in is creating Political Favor in their own homelands as to be the ones who stood up to America in the eyes of their misinformed citizens in their homelands for their political vote to hold political office in their homeland some day. I have the SOLUTION FOR ANY FREEDOM FIGHTER OF any PEOPLE, and that is if you don't like America because your people aren't FREE, then GO HOME AND GET YOUR PEOPLE's HEAD'S out of their asses and STAND UP TO YOUR OPPRESSORS and you better be willing to die as much as you're willing to blow yourselves up if you're a Muslim as you won't win any war fighting for your people's FREEDOM by committing suicide as a suicide bomber against any innocence, so you better man up and grow some balls if you want to bring your people FREEDOM. Croatian FREEDOM FIGHTERS didn't bring FREEDOM and Independence to Croatia as The People made a decision and they did that themselves, no different than the decision the Muslim people will be making when they decide to Join WorldPEACE4YOU.com...... in order to FREE ISLAM and the Muslim People of the GRIP OF THEIR TYRANTS, their communists, who have attention deficit disorder, as again it's up to the PEOPLE to do the RIGHT Thing just as the Croatian people did when it was time to do so as they Stood Up and Stopped our own Freedom Fighters from becoming Terrorists who were the Protectors of our community. “Why Terror is a Fact Of LIFE Today “

  • Muslims need your help People
  • Scared Flyers Fail in their attempts to Derail TSA Security
  • Muslims Fail to Curb World wide Jihadist Threat
  • Man Hunt For German born Terrorist Jihadists continue
  • Kill Those who Slander Islam does Not apply to Muslims ?
  • Do you know how the X Factor can STOP the Jihadists ?

It's not an easy thing to do I know as I lost my father only because the Croatian people in 1963 didn't have it in them to stand up as it was too close to WWII and the memories were still there and people were scared, no different than how the Muslim people must be scared TODAY, as yes I do understand. But today the Muslim people have www.WorldPeace4YOU.com to make their quest for their FREEDOM a REALITY. As The only other option Muslim's have is to continue allowing the people of the world to continue thinking what ever it is that they think about Muslims in their own little PRIVATE World of which NO ONE Knows about until they hurt or destroy a MUSLIM PERSON'S LIFE only because they're a Proud Muslim, as this is the Future any Muslim has before them, as that Future is My past and if you want to hear about what happened to me just because I'm Croatian, go ahead and fill in the Information to get your 7 Day Video email series from me telling you my story as that is any Muslim's Future. Why would anyone tell my supervisor Mike Arnone that I got killed in The Balkan War of Former Yugoslavia, if he wasn't afraid of me coming to his door step one day and ringing his bell for revenge only because I was wrongfully fired by Continental Airlines because of what he did to me? Come on check out the Conversation that I had with My Supervisor Mike Arnone in 2004, just put in your contact information and you'll get a series of video emails explaining to you what happened to me. “Why Terror is a Fact Of LIFE Today “

  • Muslims need your help People
  • Scared Flyers Fail in their attempts to Derail TSA Security
  • Muslims Fail to Curb World wide Jihadist Threat
  • Man Hunt For German born Terrorist Jihadists continue
  • Kill Those who Slander Islam does Not apply to Muslims ?
  • Do you know how the X Factor can STOP the Jihadists ?
  • New terrorist Wild Fire Threats from Al Quaeda in Osama Diaries.

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