NYPD's Cop's Lying Testimony

Fuck You!!!

Everyone says if you see/hear something say something.  I did and got fucked.
One week before Memorial Day weekend 2004 President George W, Bush issued a
terror alert for everyone to be on the look out for possible terrorists taking pictures of possible
terror target sites.  Well the news media shut him up saying he was fear mongering for the election.
I heard the one and only warning, and on Sunday I found 4 taking pictures of the Throgsneck Bridge, and Fort Totten.
My cell phone was at home being charged, and NO American wanted to use their phone to call 911.
So I chased these guys hoping to run into the NYPD, and when I did I lost these guys, because I
stopped for the NYPD cops who were on a call with a homeless man with a shopping cart, as they told me to call 911.
I filed a civilian complaint against the cops driving police car with plates 2503 on Sunday 2004 Memorial Day weekend.
So I started this website WorldPeace4you.com to flip the script on the Jihadists to make them
think they maybe going to hell instead.
One month after my web site was up, I started getting arrested.
1.  Fox 5 Good Day had me arrested for trespassing after their security person Joey Plantanera invited me in as I was trying to
     pitch this idea.  The Fox News wanted a Police booth,  so they got a Police booth, and the NYPD Police commissioner's son
     Greg Kelly.
2.  Second arrest was for stalking.  I never stalked anyone in my fucking life.
3.  Third arrest a Serbian chic Ivana Vasiljevic attacked me, during her second assault on me I threw a a jab to
      stop her, and I watched the cops watch this from beginning to end.  Then they arrest me for assaulting her
      trying to get me to plea down to another charge, I would NOT.  I wound up in the Creedmore Mental asylum.
      I never dated a Croatian chic, or a Serbian chic, or a Yugoslavian chic in my life, and I'm born in Brooklyn, NY.
4.   The arresting cops Detective Philip Dupont Badge number 28632 testified in court that I said to him "Woman
       in my country don't do this, they respect their men".  I recorded that testimony on a digital recorder that I snuck
       into court for My Judge Trial closed to the public.  Why was that?
All the charges were eventually dismissed.
Sounds like the kind of Charges that a Jihadi terrorist would have ay?
5.  Then I got arrested again for sending Detective Philip Dupont death threats,
      Never did any such thing, and this cost my mother  $7,000.00
Senator Graham, tell me why I should be a proud American?  I still never killed anyone.
Maybe I'm Not a fucking murderer.   Please read this email from the bottom up as they are multiple emails sent out over time,
as the bottom email is the first one sent out.  As far as the terrorist chase, I got their plate number, and gave it to the FBI,
and a month later the news said that a Iranian from the Iranian consulate was busted for taking photos, and deported.
If that was from my info, I have no idea.
Best Regards,
Ivan, JOHN, Cerkez 646-322-9642 cell.