Nicaraguan President Ortega 

Who Hi Jacked Islam, and the nations of the World?

Turkey a ROUGE Terror State like Iran  supplying major Arms in large quantities to ISIS. 

Stopping Jihadi Terror in it's Tracks

Let's Change the World:

To Americans, the people of the world, and Muslims alike!
What would you like to say to the Terrorists America?

I'll make sure they hear US! Join Now or, forever hold your PEACE America!

Multiple Million Dollar Winners every week
For First Place Blogs to be Advertised in
Newspapers around the World in the Terrorists Face!

This web site requires one million people to Join as paying Members, so if you are interested in becoming a member, so that you can win Cash Prizes by talking any wanna be Jihadist Terrorist out of the idea of doing it, then please leave your first name or anonymous first name and your email address on the "Millionaires wish List" below, and when we have ONE Million people on this list, I will send everyone an email that it's time to Join as a Paying member as there are enough people to make this work.  This list is here so as NOT to waste anyone's money by Joining when there are Not enough people to make this web site operate as it was designed to operate selling Free Speech.   FREE Speech is NOT FREE if you want to be heard, and the Likes of ISIS are going to here the Truth as to who Hi Jacked Islam, as ISLAM and God have nothing to do with their politicking.

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