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Should we build the wall, you decide?

"Justice" TV SHOW suspended due to Judge Jeanine Pirro calling out Congress woman Ilhan Omar's anti semitic views, and she couldn't handle the Truth, so Fox News Suspended her.  That's not right, bring her back America. 

Congress woman Ilhan Omar charges that American Jewish Politicians also have an allegiance to Israel.  Here's a question everyone has to any Muslim.  On 9/11/01 Terrorists who happened to be Muslim attacked America in the name of God, and Islam.  A few days afterward, the good Muslim people of Islam came out in Force to demonstrate stating that "Islam was Hi Jacked", and that Muslims are "Not the Enemy".   Ok, So who Hi Jacked Islam?  Some people say that the following link is the English translation of the Koran ....   The question is why didn't the good Muslim people distinguish themselves from the terrorists who Hi Jacked Islam.  Now since the terrorists Hi Jacked Islam, the next question is.  The previous link that is supposed to be the Koran translated to English, is it the true Koran, or is it the terrorist's version of the Koran.  Again why haven't the Good Muslim people distinguished themselves from the terrorists who Hi Jacked Islam.  If you're afraid today is your lucky day as I'm selling FREE speech and everyone is anonymous for their safety.  So if you're a Muslim, you should join the "Millionaires Wish List" so you can win cash prizes talking the good people of Islam out of the idea of becoming Jihadi terrorists as they may be going to hell instead.  Judge Jeanine Pirro in the video above asks all the right questions.  Congress woman Ilhan Omar as a American Muslim who do you hold allegiance to?  Don't you think it's time for the people of Islam to distinguish themselves from their terrorists as Muslims who Hi Jacked Islam, or do you all as Muslims want a World wide Caliphate with Islam ruling the world?  Is this your thinking Ms. Ilham Omar?

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